“It will be a big bill” – natural gas prices have increased by 180% since last September

Minneapolis (WCCO) – As the temperature decreases, your heating bill may increase.

Natural gas prices have increased by 180% since last September. Two out of three households in Minnesota are heated by natural gas.

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Last year, the Buggers moved to a big house in Lake Forest, where they expected a high natural gas bill to heat the house.

“We did not have high ceilings and we did not have much space,” said John Brugler.

But in less than a year, they are expecting, and prices will rise dramatically.

“Waiting for a big jump is going to be a big deal,” says Brogler.

Last September, Centropon Energy reported that natural gas was 60 cents per gallon. This month is $ 1.09. And CenterPoint says it is for a few reasons, but primarily for supply and demand. Supply increased during the outbreak, but demand decreased. And now that natural gas is needed again, the supply is still being held.

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“I really understand the supply and demand, but it will be more real when it hits you in the pocket,” says Brogler.

Brogler said they will make changes where they can.

“When we are at work, we get a little cold,” says Brogler.

Your advice, especially in older homes, is to inspect your stove, change the filter regularly to increase efficiency, and prevent leaks around windows and doors. Adjustments may be added.

“Every time you spend a lot of money, it will definitely affect your budget, but I think we will be fine. But I guess, I guess a couple at dinner every month, ”said Brugler.

CentrePoint and Xcel Energy customers can access the so-called Home Energy Group. They conduct low-cost, or free, home energy audits.

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And there is a cold weather rule. A customer who thinks that financial problems will prevent them from paying their winter heating bills can sign up for a payment plan so that the service is not interrupted. The first 15 days of this year will begin on October 1.


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