“It is an unforgivable crime in Afghanistan,” he said

Armed Forces veteran Caesar Jammeh Afghanistan on 2nd and Wyoming Bulletard Saturday (Gregory Herst)

Caspian, Wyo. – Caesar Jamie told Oil City News that the response was “very good” and that the response from President Joe Biden was “very good”. Events in Afghanistan.

“I’m just going [think] About what happened, ”said Jamie.

Armed Forces veteran Caesar Jammeh will address Afghanistan on the 2nd and Wyoming Bulavard on Saturday. (Gregory Herst)

Jamie says he opposes “endless wars,” but that some forces must remain in the country for special operations, logistics, intelligence, and security.

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“If we had stayed in Iraq, we could have opposed Iran,” Jamie added. He added that the “emptiness” left by the US withdrawal from Iraq led to the rise of IS.

Caesar Jamie was a 26-year-old veteran of the Navy before spending 16 years in the Special Forces. He has served in Vietnam, South America, Africa, and since his retirement, and consulted on security and training during the First Gulf War.

From that experience, he said, he knew that the US military would not succeed in fighting insurgency and establishing democracy in the Middle East.

“Afghanistan is like an Iraqi community,” he said. You do not create democracy there. ”

Armed Forces veteran Caesar Jammeh will address Afghanistan on the 2nd and Wyoming Bulavard on Saturday. (Gregory Herst)

“Our army is not for nation building, our army is to defend this country.” There is Jamie. The US State Department uses the military for nation building, and it does not work.

Jamie said it was not for “endless wars,” but that the announcement of the US withdrawal on September 11 was “extremely sudden” and could weaken Afghanistan’s military confidence, which has been eroded in the past 10 days. And NATO has spent billions of dollars and trained for almost two decades.

When they felt abandoned by the Afghan army, they knew they could not defeat the Taliban.

“This was Trump’s plan,” said Jamie. “Hey, you are the current commander. Minister of Defense both [Lloyd] Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [Mark] “It’s not a good idea to leave it the way you want it to be in April,” he said.

Ending “Endless Wars” Abroad was a platform for then-President Donald Trump. In February 2020, it signed an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw US troops and limit direct military action against militants.

Jamie says he has received nearly 100 honors from drivers’ support, with only one or two apparently arrested. One passenger shouted “F-Donald Trump”, which was ambiguous about Jamie’s message.

“I’m not here to support Trump,” she said. I wish they would stop and talk to me.

“All we have to do is participate in civil discourse. Civil, Not Angry ”

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