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Andrew joined the MCLA faculty as a new professor of biology this fall semester.
Before coming to college, he was an excellent high school biology teacher.

“I realized that I wanted to be a scientist by teaching part-time in high school,” said Baikon in an interview.

While teaching in high school, Best returned to PhD. This allowed him to teach in college and to become a scientist.

The 39-year-old’s academic needs include evolutionary physiology, energy limits, and sweat.

When you try to get a PhD, the best is revealed. He said, “He wanted to do something with evolutionary physiology, and why did our bodies work the way they did?” He expressed interest in the questions.

He was able to talk to what he described as “the hero of science” – Harvard Dan Liberman, who is well known for his evolution of the human head and body.
After listening to his best interests, he was the one who motivated him to pursue a PhD. Project on human sweat. Best: You spend about a year developing methods to test the questions then, and then you spend two to three years trying to figure them out.

The best interests come from track and field hobbies and your favorite hobbies. “In high school, when I was studying evolution, something went through my mind and I was able to combine the two,” he says.

Best recently received a doctorate in biological anthropology from the University of Massachusetts. Before coming to MCLA, he taught the best high school biology for 15 years. Nine of them served at the Chinese Baptism School in Hadle, MA.

In the near future, he wants to do research this week on human sweat and / or human labor, which may include two to four elementary students. “I like to taste the topics I want,” he continued.

In an interview, Justin Golub, chairman of the Department of Biology, said there were about 20 candidates for the site.

“His background and interests are in line with human physiology and activity [the department] Wanted: Someone who teaches a variety of subjects in anatomy and physiology, bio-mechanics, and interacts with students to do research in human physiology. He also said that the best interests in human sweat are “a very interesting and exciting field of research.”

At MCLA, he hopes to somehow bring some biological anthropology to the department, by choice or two. I want to bring a little taste of the topics I want. ”

“[Best] Very good in the department. The students are enjoying the lessons and the labs. He is cooperative and very happy to teach, which is what we want in the faculty. ”

Asked what he hopes to achieve at the MCLA, he said, “The opportunity is to do research and teach the subjects he wants in the classroom and work with students in his research and in his favorite topics in the classroom.” . ”
“[Best] Very good in the department. The students are enjoying the lessons and the labs. He is cooperative and enjoys teaching, which is what we want in the faculty, ”added Golbu.

Asked how he still loves the campus, Best said, “It’s still great! I like it a little. Students and teachers felt good. Looks comfortable. ”
Great life with partner Michael and their dog and cat.

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