ISGF will launch an online training program for Power and Utilities in Blockchain starting in January 2021

The sessions will be delivered by world-renowned experts from well-known companies in the training program

New Delhi, January 11, 2021 (PRNewswire) – ISGF has launched an online training program for power and resources on the blockchain. Training sessions of this program from January 07, 2021 to the February 05, 2021. This training program introduces the participants to the technology; Dive deep into applications and forums; Talk to my blog technology maturity: Share the rules and policy support of the relevant energy sector issues to include these usage issues. The training will take place in two formats – live online training (where participants participate in a live session with guardians and ask questions in real time) and registered online training (where participants, especially professionals, can view the video as part of their schedule). And comfort). This is an ISGF-certified program for live and registered training. Most students and professionals pay a lot of nominal fees to participate in the program and learn about Blockchain technology.

About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a distributed, digital marketing technology that allows you to securely store information and execute smart contracts in P2P networks. Instead of being controlled by one entity, blockchain is distributed across multiple systems and uses data log format to ensure that information cannot be altered or corrupted by anyone else. Blockchain promotes transparency and information exchange by disseminating information and maintaining its management.

Blockchain technology is considered to be the next major technological breakthrough, which will move from online marketing to e-commerce and have great potential in all sectors, such as finance, logistics and supply chain, energy sector, etc.

Blockchain for power and utilities

Blockchain has attracted the attention of the energy industry in its ability to revolutionize the power of consumers and consumers. The growing demand for and distribution of distributed energy resources such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, batteries, microgrades, chargers and embedded networks has shifted the balance of power from central agencies to grid edges. Blockchain can provide a secure, inexpensive way to register and verify financial or operational transactions in a distributed network without a central authority. What is needed to bring the revolution to the forefront is a model of the energy market that will take the hands of the central players and shape the future of the collective.

Although there are more than 24 blockchain technology issues in the energy sector, P2P is currently the focus of attention, and small generation owners can sell excess power directly to other consumers. Energy marketing in the P2P network is enabled through smart contracts implemented on the blockchain. Blockchain-enabled technologies can be applied to community net meters, virtual net metering, AV chargers, virtual power plants, etc., and can increase adoption speeds.

ISGF experience in Blockchain technology

Indian Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has been working with power distribution companies in India To accelerate the adoption of innovative smart grid technologies, including renewable energy and vehicle integration with electrical networks, and to introduce new technologies from many technology providers, utilities, thinking tanks and entrepreneurs around the world. India. ISFF in partnership with Australian technology company PowerLiger at Lucwin in Uttar PradeshIndia) Solar energy on Block2 platform on P2P trading. ISGF is also the Indian Chapter for the Energy Blockchain Consortium. America And the Energy Web Foundation (EWF).

About ISGF

ISGF is a government-private partnership initiative. Of India Mission to accelerate smart grid deployment across the country. With 170+ members, including ministries, facilities, technology providers, academia and research, ISGF has grown as a world-tank in modern energy and smart cities. The ISGF’s mandate is to accelerate energy transfer through clean energy, modernization of grids and electric mobility. Work with national and international agencies in the development of standards and assist resources, regulators and the industry in technology selection, training and capacity building.

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