ISAE-SUPAERO identifies the educational program by introducing certified and ongoing training on COURSERA, an international e-learning platform.

Tolulos, France, August 31, 2021.As a world leader in aerospace engineering, Isai-Suparo (MOOC) launched “Flight Mechanics: The Base” for the first time on July 1 at the COURSERA International Forum. Completely free of charge, it is aimed at all aviation and aviation enthusiasts as well as professionals in training in flight mechanics. Presented in English, this online course is the first of a series of 6 advanced courses offered as a fee-based specialization since the fall of 2021.

Course for flight mechanics, freely available worldwide

This MOOC is the first in a series of courses to teach pilots how to fly and how pilots can control their routes. The course covers atmospheric physics and Newton’s laws of motion when applied to aircraft, towing and propulsion forces and pilot control.

“Flight mechanics – the foundation” To some extent, scientific knowledge (power concepts, Newton’s laws, mechanical force, etc.) is aimed at the general public. However, it offers different levels of reading that allow all profiles to follow the course, ignoring math developments. Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, beginner and experienced pilots, journalists and aeronautics professionals, and all aerospace enthusiasts will find valuable improvements in their knowledge.

To make matters worse, by the end of 2021, Isai-Suparo will be sharing his career with a specialist in 6 of the 30 payment courses. These courses may be taken individually, but all must be completed in order to obtain a distinction certificate. Focusing on all the physical phenomena that affect aviation but limit it, this series provides key insights into understanding key safety and environmental issues in the aviation sector.

Created by Stanford University professors, the international e-learning platform COURSERA is highly regarded and is known to represent true quality assurance for the training provided. So he joined the Isa-Suparo course and became one of the world’s leading universities in aeronautical engineering.

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