Is Sophomore compatible with summer?

Current students and graduates share ideas on the metaphor.

By Pierce Wilson | 8/13/21 3:10 AM

Fortunately, for the 2023 class members and some of the 2022 class members on campus, the second year of the human race is underway for the first time since 2019. Now the epidemic restrictions have relaxed – mostly – from post-epidemic secondary winter to what we have heard and heard from high-profile people?

During the Freshman Year, I used to hear the term “Camp Dartmouth” often referring to the second summer. People around me say that learning is easier and that everyone is focused on making new friends, connecting with their classmates, and spending time outside.

To find out more about the origin of Sophomore Summer and where some of these myths came from, I sat down with college registrar Peter Carini. According to Carrini, his high school summer needs grew in the summer. In 1972, there was a need for early college and year-round jobs at the college.

“The main reason I know b [sophomore summer requirement] They were adding 1,000 women to the campus and trying to keep the men on the campus. ”

When trustees approved the 1972 school and year-round work, the high school summer standard was not implemented until 1982.

The committee met during the year from 1978 to 1982 to discuss issues such as college supplies and students’ unsatisfactory performance during the year. Karini.

And so in 1982, to balance it and make sure the students were in the summer, [the committee on year-around operation] He asked for high schools in the summer, ”said Carini.

Government professor Jason Barbas 93 said he heard how different it would be to see Hanover without snow until the second winter and that it was a special time for high school students to be on campus.

Barbas, on the other hand, is happy to spend the second summer of summer, especially with other members of the 1993 class, and making new friends, many of whom have been “for a long time.”

“It was a great opportunity to meet other classmates,” says Barnabas. “It’s a small college, but there is a good chance that some of your classmates will go to college without your knowledge. So it is a good opportunity to meet those many people.

According to Barbas, his favorite memories of the second year of winter: “There is something about jumping from house to house [his] The mother is not happy to hear that. ”

Anilie Johnson-Jennings 23 describes her high school experience and what she has heard from high-ranking people.

“I hoped the weather would be better in the long run, but otherwise it would be nice,” said Johnson Jennings. “It’s really raining and really humid and really cloudy and no sun. The air quality was really poor, so it was foggy and hard to see lately. ”

Johnson-Jennings says she has a bucket list for the winter.

“I wanted to go to the river a lot, I wanted to go kayaking, I wanted to leave Berry and I went down to Ludlo Vermont,” said Johnson Jennings.

She said that although the weather prevented her from going to the river, she did everything on her bucket list except collecting berries and visiting the teas she hoped to bring last. A few weeks of the word.

Johnson-Jennings, for her part, said the coursework over the summer was not easy for her.

“I expected the lessons to be easier,” she said, “based on what other people around the camp said and in other classes.”

Diego Perez, who will take only two courses this summer instead of three, said that although the overall workload is less, the workload in each class is still the same.

In the summer of the second year, Hannah Bliska 20 spent “very little time” in class, but she found that the professor was more flexible.

“I felt very different from the professors,” Blyska said. “All my professors knew it was summer. They were more flexible than usual, which made things very different in their studies. ”

Jimmy Nugien 21, however, said that the second year of winter was one of the most difficult terms for him in Dar es Salaam.

“I think you really did the second year of winter,” Nugie said. I entered my second summer, trying to get the best experience and focusing on taking four lessons. It was very stressful, and it was a very negative experience. ”

According to Nugien, when high school winters began to be fun on high school trips – one of his favorite memories of his time at Darthmus – he spent most of the summer studying in class and preparing for employment.

Sarah Hong ’21 shared the same experience of worrying about classes and recruitment, but she still enjoys her high school winter and is still looking forward to it. The beginning of the CVD-19 epidemic.

According to Hong, “I don’t think there was a ‘summer camp-y’. But I think I can still get close to my room and enjoy the Hanover winter.

Hong also said that the second year of summer allowed her to meet more people in her society and to be more comfortable in Greek life.

“After the second winter, Greek life was not so scary,” says Hong. Because all the social seats were my age and I knew a lot of people when I went to Greece instead of most of the upper class, so I felt a little more privileged.

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