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A.D. When Alibaba first launched the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, the $ 25 billion deal was the largest public offering to date and valued more Chinese e-commerce companies than Facebook and Amazon.

The success of China’s technology has been highlighted by hundreds of other overseas brands by some of the country’s most innovative companies. According to the data, 769 Chinese companies have been listed as non-major exchanges since its inception in 2014. They raised a total of $ 250 billion. During the same period, more than $ 236 billion was collected from new accounts in the country.

Demand for Chinese securities is growing, and foreign investors are flocking to these newly listed companies. Beijing’s initial success in investing in VV-19 and adding RMB assets to global equity and fixed income indicators has led investors to increase overall equity and fixed income in China. 40 percent more than $ 800 billion last year.

A.D. Thinking that this structure is no different from investing in rich markets in China can also alleviate negligence.

That is a serious mistake. Chinese shareholders have no basic rights and the rules can be changed overnight and any system can be changed. Subsequent disputes over how to audit Chinese companies in the United States underscore the lack of investor protection and ultimately eliminate the Chinese group from US exchanges. ..

Foreign investors have recently seen ample evidence of Beijing’s predicament. The first big warning came from regulators in November that an unexpected list of antitrust funds was issued by the world’s largest IPO in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The termination was initially seen as an attack on the company’s founder Jack Ma, but it became clear that he was widely controlled by Chinese authorities. The sudden strengthening of steam regulations in March reduced the share of e-smokers. RLX technology only two months from US IPO. Chinese cyber security inspectors launched an investigation last month. It has launched an investigation into the upcoming trucks alliance, warning all US details. Stay tuned.

A few weeks later, companies that teach $ 100 billion in classroom curriculum have been banned from making profits, accepting foreign investment, or investing in global stock exchanges. The shares of the three largest education groups listed in the United States have lost 90% since the beginning of the year.

Class attorneys are rushing to represent the injured investors in the trial, but their recovery is far less than in Western companies. Administrators and assets are not limited to China, where US corporate and security laws are in place. In practice, however, the investor is not really the owner of the company.

In many parts of China, foreign companies are officially illegal, so companies that want to use foreign currency have set up a “variable interest rate” known as the successful energy group. Investors basically buy shares in a company in the Cayman Islands. The acquired company aims to provide some economic benefits to Chinese companies, but it does not operate.

Chinese regulators have not even officially approved the VIE structure, but have generally approved its use. Action against 2009 gaming teams. However, legal instability provides Beijing with a powerful weapon that can be used against any organization.

The most complex issue is the US response to the Chinese companies listed. If Congress and US regulators do not provide access to their audit accounts within three years last summer, they will be suspended in Beijing. This could force foreign investors to lose money and sell their shares.

Banks are the IPR to Hong Kong Redirect IPO. It has little effect on solving these problems. Beijing can still get the carpet out of any sector or company that feels comfortable. Of course, investors are more active. This week alone, the Chinese music streaming service, Hong Kong, said IPO Yank and Softbank will reduce investment in a Chinese start-up company.

It is true that emerging markets are defined by their management. A successful investment will align your needs with government or stock control. Challenges in China are becoming increasingly difficult. Even when Alibaba was officially launched, most of the distrust was clear, but enthusiastic investors opted for their offers. It can no longer be ignored.

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Investors in China should be wary of Beijing’s unforeseen circumstances Source: Investors in China should be wary of Beijing’s unforeseen circumstances

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