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The company’s EMA president spoke about the past 32 years in the industry, the future trends and why companies should abandon their fears and apply climate change rates. Written by Sophie Bulimor

Campbell EMEA President Don Donova There are a few people who better support Campfield. Donovan did not reach this stage overnight, and this remarkable achievement came after 32 years.

It is interesting to hear how Donovan climbed the ladder and some of the main parts of the work. “When you have 32 years with a company, there is very little room for work experience, but others have nothing to do with air purification. In terms of education, I have completed various senior management courses, including the MBA from Henley College of Management in London,” Donovan shares. It comes from different roles he has played over the years.

The executive explains that many of its functions and responsibilities have improved over the past 32 years. Although he initially started as a sales representative covering Northern and Southern Ireland, the group grew into sales manager and then managing director of Campfield Ireland. It was during this time that the industrialization of the Donovan clean-up environment began. “One of my interests was working with the clean room construction industry, while I was managing the Camille Ireland team, which included both sales and production,” he said. “With the design stage, with both the final customer and consulting engineers, the construction and delivery stage will be back with the contractors and then with the client.”

Your time is as important as anyone’s.

It was only after this that Donovan took over as the manager of the European Biofarma Division, which he called a change of career. He explains that he was able to work with interested consulting engineers and cleaning contractors, and that the managing director allowed him to combine his role. Donovan explains that this certainly helped him to develop a biomarker industry.[My favourite industry] It must be a biomarker / medical device industry with many challenges. I have made some long-term relationships because the people you meet tend to stay in business. ”

Don Donovan, President, Camfil EMEA

Speaking of some of the most exciting projects of his life, Donovan said he has worked on many clean rooms during his time, but the most exciting ones come with high content standards. “I have worked on many government projects that require BSL4, and when I go, I realize that I have to educate myself because these things don’t happen very often,” says Donovan. “Fortunately, we had the knowledge and experience from the United States and France in Campfield that I could count on for support.”

Today, however, Donovan’s actions seem to be quite different. “I am now in charge of business in Kampala, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and I have a team of over 2,500 people. Although I do not have a direct relationship with the pure class industry, I still support and drive my team as much as possible to the importance of our success as an organization.

When Donovan started in the fresh air business, things went awry as he discussed the lessons he wanted to know. “Your time is as important as anyone’s,” he stressed. “Always work with like-minded partners who do not want short-term benefits. The old adage ‘Customer is always right’, this is not always the case and many clients will contact you for advice as a subject matter specialist. Some take it, and some don’t. I find that those who take part-time advice are always more likely to benefit from it.

Donovan calls the most controversial clean room air comment, talks about the dead spots, and shows another issue: the client should take the expert’s word. “We work with a number of industries that require different airflows, some turbulence and some laminar.

Climate Rate Test

The debate over whether to balance climate change is growing, and Donovan is qualified to speak on the issue. Donovan states that some designers take a safer approach and spend more money. “I understand why, but there must be a more sustainable approach here in the industry.

Engineers who overestimate the cost of some sanitary standards say that Donovan is a trend in older cleaning rooms. “Some of these cleaning rooms work 24/7 and this is not necessary in most cases,” Donovan explained. He then goes on to say that the amount of air that is adapted to the particle sensor based on the parameters is very good. Asked why customers do not always accept this advice, Donovan replied that some would not. They point out that as long as the environment maintains the quality standards required for quality control or production, they will see significant energy savings.

To solve this relatively simple problem, structurally speaking, increasing climate change is not always the case. If an existing facility has a mold problem, it will not provide adequate climate change per hour. Donovan explains that this problem is an inspiration to Campbell Camcliner. “The beauty of these air purifiers is that they only change the air in the room and the air does not need to be adjusted in terms of heating or cooling,” he said. “These air purifiers, or as they are called today, help to remove unwanted gases from H14 HEPA (according to EN1822) and, if necessary, additional molecules (carbon dioxide),” he said. Because they can, using sensors, they can go up or down depending on the level of particles or gases in the room, which means they can actually improve the efficiency and cleanliness of the rooms.

Thankfully, a more personalized and adaptable approach to airflow in controlled areas is gaining some steam. Donovan is advancing, and tools such as computational fluidity are being used to predict issues and ensure the efficient use of energy and resources.

We have heard the term HEPA filter many times since the outbreak

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The topic that Donovan raised and wanted to talk about is the future of HEPA filters, especially with the global epidemic. “From the beginning of the epidemic, the word ‘hepta filter’ has been used extensively by airlines’ chief executives and government ministers,” says Donovan. “HEPA filters are tried and tested solutions but some suppliers include HEPA filters but do not comply with EN1822 standards when tested, which is an HEPA filter industry testing method.”

Donovan is keen to emphasize the need for a good HEPA filter to address these issues. It offers either H13 or H14 and must be tested by EN1822. Donovan added that a large area outside of immediate action will prolong life and reduce energy costs.

“At the beginning of the epidemic, there was a lot of confusion and misinformation about how to treat the spread of the virus,” Donovan said. Air Management. After all, once we know what we are going through and how it operates in the air, we can look for solutions to the problem. He noted that a number of alternatives have been identified and based on well-known technologies and some security concerns have been identified.

Donovan is thinking of future trends by conveying critical thinking as his role. It is important to think ahead because technology can change quickly when technology is under great pressure. “The simplest project was the big” balcony cleaning room “but they tend to be a thing of the past. From the discussions, it seems that sustainable trends are gaining momentum in the filter market.

When it comes to future filtering trends, molecular filtering is a buzzword. “Molecular filtration is becoming more widespread in the industry, especially to prevent rust in the electronics industry, but to reduce human VOCs / Gases to protect human health and even to emit emissions from manufacturing facilities,” Donovan explains.

The company you save

Donovan is well-connected to the core management team in various disciplines (including sales and marketing, finance, IT / IS, human resources and operations), and emphasizes that this cannot be explained by a successful run. Organization. “All of these functions must be interrelated, and the leaders of these roles should all have an understanding of each of these functions,” he says. “You may have the best sales and branding structure in the business but if you do not have the capacity or knowledge to deliver this, they will all fall apart quickly. Manpower is very important for all organizations.

At the end of the day, Donovan said, you will be surrounded by qualified people and the deadlines will be met only after you have agreed with all stakeholders. The last piece of advice is, “Don’t try and do it alone.”

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