Interview – Kurt Bush on the CGR season – and what’s next

When it was rumored that Chip Ganasi had sold its NASCAR trophy program to Trackhouse Racing owner Justin Marx and that former champion and 2020 champion Kurt Bush was on the way out, parking was a surprise. Fans competing all over the United States.

But for the 22-year-old Bush, the news was another challenge.

When such news comes out, they are driving harder and harder, ”Bush told NASCAR Media at the time. “It was amazing to me. We all looked at each other in the Ghanaian race and said, ‘Now we have a stadium in front of us. let’s go. ‘

And Bush is ready to go find him.

Now locked in 14th Cup Series points and 2021 NASCAR games, Bush is confident that he and No. 1 Monster Energy Camaro will be able to run hard on another NASCAR Cup title. And he wants to speed up that race this Sunday afternoon at 82-lap, 200 miles Verizon 200 in Brick Square.

Q: Kurt, you have performed well on Cape Road Courses this season. Looking forward to joining the Verizon 200 on Sunday at Brick Square?

I look forward to Indy Street Education. I mean Indianapolis. It’s still as big as any Indie race, and the cool part about going to Indie is telling different friends or going around the world at a car dealership or anywhere you call the world ‘Indianapolis’., Or you say the word ‘dayitona’, people’s eyes light up. So I look at all this. This is an amazing course. We were doing really well on road courses in Ganassi, so this day was surrounded by my calendar for a while.

Q: In the midst of the Bristol Garbage Contest, the addition of more road course competitions and the ’21 ‘program, I wanted to ask you what you think about the radical revised trophy program?

KB: Yes, I’m really happy with the change. I encourage others to accept it. I think we stand in the world of Nascar as all the tracks are part of any management group or stock group or ISC, or any SMI. We’ve been stuck with the same dates and the same path for a while, so that’s why we’re seeing all this freshness as you adjust some paperwork.

Q: Draft games are in full swing. Do you feel good about yourself and the team?

KB: I will. I feel in a group that sells in Ghana, as all of us walk side by side, saying, “This is the moment in time, and this moment in life we ​​all dig deep and work together as a big team and focus on the future rather than the future. I think we should get out of the strong door and try to win Darlington. We have to go to great lengths to find out where one of my favorite tracks, as well as Ganasi, went a little better in those track styles. Bristol is one of my best tracks and Richmond is a great place, so we just have to get things done and get things started and not make mistakes. If we are not mistaken, then I know we will pass through the circles. It’s all about creating a game plan and then getting others to come up with ideas for me and we all work together on this. Not just one person.

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Q: There is a lot of talk going around in the 2022 race…

KB: Oh, things look very promising. I know where things are kept. That’s right so that It’s about to end and deliver that announcement there. We still have to wait a little longer. There are a few pieces of puzzles that need to be clicked correctly, but I smile about it and so are everyone around me.

Q: Who can tell us what they did for the upcoming Daytona 2022 race?

KB: I can’t say anything yet. Not yet.

Q: You’ve achieved a lot in Nascar, and now Jane’s car time is upon us. You want to have a hand in developing that car, right?

KB: Yes, for me, I am a racer. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life, and when a new car comes off the horizon, I want to try and drive. Whether it’s a current team, or a new team, I’m still looking for a role as a mentor and coach in a system that will still be part of NASCAR’s long-term future. I still want to get involved in sports cars and some other things around the world. My wife also loves racing and it is wonderful to have her support in all of this. Just looking for the right opportunity. You know, still running for the championship or racing points in NASCAR, I have to get the right open weekend, but there are other races and other race cars I want to try. But, man, monster energy was amazing. I have strong relationships with the producers I have run with throughout my career, so who knows what the next corner is.

I still love it. I just had a birthday. I was only 43 when I hit Jim. I’m pushing harder. It is more sweaty. Recovery days are a little longer, but I smile every year when I get back to the car on every street and in every street. I love travel, people, friendships, and representatives of all my partners and brands.


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