Integrated disk assemblies for compressed gas, hydraulic and air pressure applications

To ensure safety and security, European Original Equipment Manufacturers will rely on integrated, limited, broken disk solutions for applications ranging from compressed gas cylinders to stimulus systems, aircraft, environmental and fire protection equipment and fuel storage systems. In many such flight applications, broken discs serve as an effective security mechanism to prevent overload. The disc, a single-use cover made of various metals, including alloys alloys, is designed to operate in milliseconds at pre-determined pressure.

The reliability of aerospace equipment is important and requires high fidelity to the pressure relief technology used to maintain low and high pressure original manufacturing systems. Instead of releasing discs and storage devices, original manufacturers are turning to integrated disk assemblies with all components integrated by the manufacturer. These large assemblies use a wide range of standard and unconventional materials that are tailored to the application, designed to be small, and widely used. This approach ensures that the docking disk is performed as expected, improves device safety, reliability, and longevity while simplifying installation and replacement.

The integrated assembly is suitable for many hydraulic, air pressure and other low, medium and high pressure applications including pumps, piston and balloon collectors, stimulus systems, pressure vessels and pipes.

Titanium and aluminum are also essential for lightweight disk applications to be used with light weight, as it takes more energy to lift heavy vehicles off the ground.

When high corrosion resistance is required for hard liquid conditions, titanium is often the material of choice. When light weight and economy are needed, an aluminum-clad assembly may be the right solution.

Separate rooms and integrated meetings
Typically on an airplane, broken discs are attached to a manufacturer’s special container at the service point and begin as independent components. User installation actions greatly contribute to the performance of a broken disk device. When not installed properly, a broken disk may not explode under the pressure of the expected set. There is a delicate balance between the broken disk cover, the fan holder, and the mounting, thread, or other attachment used to secure the safety device.

As a result, integrated disk assembly is often a better choice than separate components. Coordinated units that are ready for service and do not require any assembly, have been proven as a tool to operate at the desired set pressure. If a fragmented disk is active, the one-piece design makes it easy to install and remove quickly.

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Integrated disk assembly

The assembly includes a split disk and housing and is customized to work with the user’s desired interface with the installed device. The devices are usually made of thread or welded or even for special industrial connections such as CF / KFVCR connectors. The cracked disc and the container are bonded, scraped, tube straw, glued or glued depending on the application conditions and immersion requirements.

This approach has additional benefits. Coordinated assemblies can be mistakenly verified by design to ensure the correct direction of installation using a special twist thread configuration such as the input and output devices. The ever-increasing physical characteristics of small disks, such as 1/8 inch, can also make it difficult for staff to pick up the disk and put it in a separate container.

Geros Brazier, Managing Director of BS & B Systems Custom Engineering Products Customer Section, said: “The use of an integrated assembly enhances the quality assurance of pressure relief technology.

Integrated Assemblies – Disk Disassembly
According to Brazier, the most important operating pressure and temperature information in the design of a disk device for Air Space are the application parameters. The number of cycles required for the device to last a lifetime is sometimes determined by the performance of the service. Pressure and cycling vary according to the location on the application and the acceptable weight, so everyone needs a custom engineering solution.

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Sticky, stuck, crowded application interfaces

Coming with a good, high reliability, cost-effective and application-specific solution for the original European manufacturer, it involves choosing the right disk technology, the right interface (weld, threads, compression joints, single machine parts) and the right options. According to codes and standards or end-user authentication requirements, ”says Brazier.

Since the choice of materials can also be very limited for application conditions, disk disassembly can be made from metals and alloys such as steel and stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, molten, inconnel, titanium, colombium. [niobium], And Hastelloy.

It may be necessary for aircraft applications, fragmented disks to have low compatibility in both standard and exotic materials, Brazier notes.

In almost all cases, inverted damaged disks are used to cope with the options with accuracy and standard operating conditions.

In reverse design, the broken disk dome is copied to the pressure source. Explosion pressure is precisely controlled by the combination of material properties and the shape of the dome structure. It can withstand up to 95% of low blast pressure pressures, even in compression, pressure-cycling or tremors. The result is longer life, more accuracy and reliability.

“The process industry has been based on reverse disks for decades. The technology is now available for Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMH from BS&B up to 1/8 inch. Until recently, disks of that size and performance were not available, ”says Brazier.

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Custom Engineering Micro Discs

The advantages of such small, reciprocating discs include low blast pressure levels in small diameters, low profile, light weight design, superior performance in bicycle service conditions, low or no split activation, and the ability to withstand full vacuum or back pressure without additional support components .

However, improving the smallness of reverse technology presents its own unique challenges. To solve this problem, BS and B created fictional structures that control the inversion of a damaged disk so that it can be moved to predict. In this type of design, the inverted line is also placed in the split disk structure to define a specific opening flow area when the reciprocating disk is assembled and holds the disc in the assembly housing.

“Going back – and so squeezing the stuff – does a few things,” says Brazier. “Number one, repetitive structural integrity has been found. Second, it allows you to get lower blast pressure to higher materials, which contributes to improved accuracy as well as durability.

Small, fragmented discs are sensitive to the details of the Orpheus in which they explode. This requires strict control over common discrepancies in the disk drive.

“With the help of a small amount of pressure relief devices, the effect of each disk and every character of the holder expands,” Brazier explains. With the right design of the owner and the right choice of disk, the customer’s expectations are met and exceeded.

Since customers are often accustomed to integrating certain types of plumbing into a plumbing scheme, different connections can be used in-house. Negotiation is popular, but BSB and B are using several other types of connections to connect the broken disk assembly to the app. After the integrated assembly leaves the factory, the pressure is adjusted, and the device is ready for use.

As long as you do not follow the installation instructions and use the correct drive value to keep a disk in the system and then mount it on, there is still a chance of leaking or the disk may not be triggered by the planned explosion pressure, ”Brazier warns. During assembly, the disconnected disc device is leaking tightly and the ignition pressure is adjusted.

Aerospace’s original equipment manufacturers have long been a challenge in compressed gas, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, high and low pressure, and bicycle environments. Fortunately, with integrated, low-cost disk solutions integrated into a variety of standard and uncomplicated materials, original aircraft manufacturers can significantly increase device safety, compliance, and reliability even in extreme working conditions.

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About the Author: Jeff Eliot is a technical writer who has researched and written about industry technologies and issues for the past 15 years.

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