Inio Jennacher and Clark Energy announced the expansion of the gene bacen gas engines for free and commercial power generators in Indonesia.

Janbak, Austria, September 28, 2021.INNIO Jenbacher and Clarke Energy announced today that they have recently signed an agreement to extend the Clark Energy Distribution Clark Energy Distribution Region to Indonesia to better serve the growing energy and grid reliability needs of Indonesia. Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Business Power Manufacturers (MPP). Clark Energy Supply focuses on natural gas applications for IPPs and MPPs in Indonesia. In addition, By 2022, Clark Energy will be launching Jenbaker Natural Gas Engines.Ready for H2» An option that allows the engines to easily convert from natural gas to 100% hydrogen. Under the terms of the agreement, Clark Energy is currently the distributor of INNIO Jenbaker Gas Motors in 28 countries around the world.

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INNIO Jenbacher IPP Power Plant (Photo: Business Wire)

Power generation in Indonesia is crucial to the growing economy and is highly dependent on coal and oil-based fuels. As Indonesia moves to increase its share of renewable energy, Jenbabaker’s introduction of natural gas-powered engines will help speed up decommissioning and grid reliability. And very efficient resources, ”commented Carsten Dommermuth, vice president and general manager of APAC, INNIO Jenbacher. “Our gas engine technologies will help create more energy stability for Indonesian producers and close supply and demand gaps and reduce their carbon footprint. Clark Energy is invaluable in helping both independent and commercial energy producers provide the most basic infrastructure. Power to the Indonesian grid. “

We are happy to add Indonesia to our list of countries where we distribute gas engine technology and services. We look forward to installing INNIO’s state-of-the-art natural gas-fuel generator gas engines to provide reliable power to Indonesian companies. , Clark Energy CEO. Our engineers will work hard with customers throughout Indonesia to improve our country’s energy future by expanding the use of climate-friendly distribution-energy technologies to increase environmental energy security.

As a large island, Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands. These islands have a range of 5,000 km in southeast Asia and Oceania. With an estimated population of over 250 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, Southeast Asia, and the seventh largest in terms of purchasing power. Indonesia’s Power Supply Chamber of Commerce (RUPTL) estimates that the country’s annual electricity demand will increase by 6.4% by 2028. The Indonesian government has developed a comprehensive strategy for the energy sector that emphasizes diversity, environmental sustainability and high domestic use. Energy resources, including natural gas.

Clark Energy has been a distributor for INNIO Jenbacher for over 25 years. With this expansion, Clark Energy is currently a distributor of INNIO Jenbacher gas engines in 28 countries, including Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and Ireland. Kenya, Lesotho, Morocco, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Paua, New Guinea, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Malawi, England and parts of the United States


INNIO is a leading supplier of renewable gas, natural gas and hydrogen enrichment solutions and services at or near the service area. Through our Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines, INNIO can provide sustainable, reliable and economical power to communities, industry and the public from 200 kW to 10 MW. We also provide life cycle support and digital solutions for more than 53,000 gas engines around the world through our network of services in more than 100 countries. We offer innovative technology led by decarbonation, decentralization, and digitization to help guide the green path to the future. Headquartered in Geneva, Austria, the business is also available in Wales, Ontario, Canada and Wawsha, Wisconsin, USA For more information visit the company’s website at Follow INNIO Twitter And LinkedIn.

About Clark Energy

Clark Energy, a KOHLER Group company, is a leader in installation, engineering, design, installation and maintenance of Jenbaker gas engines. Clark Energy is a licensed distributor of INNIO Jenbacher in 28 countries, employing 1,200 workers in these states and has more than 7 GW of INNIO Jenbacher gas engines worldwide. For more information, visit the Clarke Energy website at Follow LinkedIn at Clarke Energy and Twitter.

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