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By providing opportunities for in-school and out-of-home learning to prepare future teachers for the classroom, the Wittenberg Department of Education recently announced a new partnership with Covenant Children’s Academy (CCA) at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Central Springfield.

Since this fall, Whittenberg and CCA have been working together on a half-day kindergarten and pre-kindergarten program at the Church on 201 N. limestone Road.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Covenant Children’s Academy, which has a tradition of providing high-quality early childhood and kindergarten programs in the Springfield area.” Wittenberg.

Discussions on this formal partnership between the CCA Board of Directors and the Wittenberg Department of Education began in the spring and summer with the hope that both institutions would thrive in the epidemic-affected industry.

He said the Wittenberg Department of Education will partner with local K-12 schools to help prepare our pre-service teachers, and that this unique partnership will expand the opportunities we offer to our students. Again a childhood teacher. “Creating this officially organized partnership will enable us to educate our students and learn from CCA preschoolers in a meaningful way. The Whittenburg class has a long history of working with the academy. ”

CCA programs provide play-based learning activities that build the basic skills needed for early school success for preschool and kindergarten children. Wittenberg students enrolled in coursework will have the opportunity to engage with children and teachers by developing classroom materials, planning activities, and immersing themselves in CCA classes. Partnerships begin this fall with one of her classrooms, Sally Brannan, Associate Professor, teaching into the CCA building and classrooms.

“Our faculty can truly integrate course content and field assignments by teaching some classes on the CCA on-site and allowing CCA pre-school professionals to share their skills with our students,” he added. We are in the early stages of this partnership and we are still playing some roles. My upbringing and my love for early childhood education are exploring options that will allow me to continue teaching several courses in Wittenberg. However, as we develop this partnership, other teachers in the classroom will be involved.

In addition, the Whittenburg Faculty of Education and the CCA faculty can come together to share relevant research on promising children’s educational practices. The program begins Monday, September 13. Children must be enrolled and between the ages of three and five.

“Ultimately, we hope that this partnership will have a significant impact on the young children participating in the CCA,” Farley said. “The importance of high-quality early learning experiences in preparing children for school, high social and emotional outcomes, and overall success beyond school is clear. Both Wittenberg and CCA have a long history of excellence, and this partnership could help rejuvenate both institutions as we continue to adapt to COVID. We anticipate that CCA will take advantage of the professional development opportunities available to our teacher, as well as the energy and creative resources that our students can bring to their classrooms. The Wittenberg faculty will have the opportunity to learn from CCA teachers and engage in research with the CCA community, and students will benefit from a laboratory-like setting when they hear about faculty development from faculty and CCA staff, and then immerse themselves in the real world. Classrooms for first-hand experience. ”

The Wittenberg Department of Education is constantly collaborating with local K-12 schools for formal field assignments, and seeks to continue and expand those formal partnerships with a vision of expanding its work to a fully functional primary laboratory school.

He said the only way we could have a greater impact on those who have been accused of educating young children and their education and development is to work with experts in the field. “We hope that the partnership with CCA will serve as an incentive for a broader partnership to benefit teachers’ development to have a positive impact on the education of Clark County children and youth.

The Minola Malon shown above is teaching in the first class of Lo Coolp in Inon Elementary School.
Below is Alexis Johnson teaching at Laura Wamsley Kindergarten at Horasman Elementary School in Springfield.

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