Indy Road Course 101: Practice, Brick Field History, Goodyear Tires and more

The NASCAR Cup series has been running on sacred sites on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1994.

That tradition will change a new chapter when the stock cars that surrounded the famous oval last time appeared on NASCAR for the first time with the Xfinity Series.

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At Brick Square (Sunday, 1pm, NBC / NBC Sports App, IMS Radio Network, SIRXM NASCAR Radio) Let’s move on to the past and future details of Verizon 200 –

More track time to set the grid

Since the tournament has never competed in the Indianapolis Road Course, the teams will be able to get to know each other on Saturday morning (11:05 am ET, TrackPass / NBC Sports App) and adjust as needed.

In addition, the starting lineup will air on Sunday morning at 9:05 am ET (CNBC / NBC Sports App). This is the first qualifying session for the World Cup since July 4.

History of retirees

– Indianapolis Motor Speedway was formed in 1909 in partnership with four entrepreneurs who wanted to develop a test site for the city’s second-largest car industry after Detroit.

– The first appearance of multi-layered gravel and asphalt oil was severely damaged in a bicycle event and the 2.5-mile track was repaired using 3.2 million bricks.

-E.A. In 1961, all the bricks were removed from the ground, but for the three-legged strip on the starting / finishing line, hence the modern nickname of the track “brick.”

-Indanapolis Motor Speedway became the first race to overcome obstacles to SAFER (steel and bubble energy reduction).

– The IMS Road Course is alive and well under the leadership of Track Chairman, President and CEO Tony George and then-Chief Form 1 Bernie Ekleston for the US Grand Prix, a 2,605-mile course. Track line and golf course.

-Michael Schumacher I won five of the eight USPSPs in IMS, including the opening edition in 2000.

– Changes were made to the woreda in 2014 to accommodate the transition from IndyCar to the course course for the first IMS competition in May.

– Indianapolis Road Course marks the 14th variety of road courses to host the NASCAR Cup Series.

Source – Racing Perceptions

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Rules package

NASCAR teams will be using low power and high horsepower packages this Indy Road course this weekend. In this year’s program, as with all road courses, the cars will be adjusted by swindlers and split lengths to reduce the impact of this seven-lane road course and have more power at the right foot of 750 drivers. .

Happy New Year tires

Goder was able to use data on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road course from the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series race to prepare this weekend’s tire, which is similar to the company’s “modern road course construction,” said Greg Stoker, director of racing. This tire is similar to those used in the US, Road America and Central Ohio sports car courses at this time.

“This team has already been on this road many times before,” says Stucker. Practicing will allow teams to move faster, and as we add another new track to the 2021 program, we are really looking forward to the big tournament.

Stories line up along the way

– Hendrik Motors has won eight of the last nine road course races (Chase Eliot, Six, Kyle Larson, two), each with four.

– Ryan Blaine’s 2018 victory at Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval is Ford’s latest road course victory, the only victory in the last 14 such events.

– In the last five road course races, the average green flag hoisting has been 11 rounds or less.

– Tyler Redic is currently the last-ranked scorer, just 15 points ahead of Richard Children’s teammate Austin Dilon.

– Danny Hamlin has won 777 rounds this season but has not won. That puts him seventh in the ranks of the monsters he once led before he won.

-Tyler Reddick has scored 12 of the top 10 goals in 23 this season, the first time an RCR competitor has beaten that of Kevin Harvik in 2013.

– Christopher Bell posted the longest four in a row of the top 10 in the top 10.

– Eric Almirola’s victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 18 was Ford’s only win in the last 13 races.

– The last six races have been won by six different drivers, followed by Alex Bowman, Kyle Bush, Chase Eliot, Kurt Bush, Eric Almirola and Kyle Larson.

Source – Racing Perceptions

On the Ogaden

Chase Eliot’s request for three consecutive victories against Watkins Glen International came after he had to spend a lot of time last week.

But Eliot remains the best on the road courses, and Glenn is seen again by a hurricane on the field to finish second. Last week’s BETM winner Kyle Larson will list Eliot as his favorite for this week’s opening Indie Road Course at 14-5 (+280) 21-10 (+210).

Like Eliot, Christopher Bell struggled twice behind Watkins Glen and dropped another top-10 finish. With a 20-1 lead, Bell, who won the Daytona International Highway course in February and finished second on the American road, could be seen.

Do you want someone to sleep with? Joey Logano (25-1) could be your driver. Ford recently won the winning lane, with Logano the top 10 in the last eight road courses and the only driver to post the top 10 in all previous race Ovens-turned-road courses.

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Imaginary living

Want to set up a team and run your way to the top of the leaderboards? Watch NASCAR Fantasy Live. The free-to-play game allows you to select your drivers each week and show staff-centered emotions. It was not too late to join the race.

Leading the 2021 Fantasy Live points are Danny Hamlin (913), Kyle Larson (903) and William Byron (777).


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