India’s domestic oil production increased in July

NEW DELHI – India’s gross domestic product (GDP) continued to decline in July, falling 3.22 percent month-on-year compared to the same period last year.

However, according to the monthly production report of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, gas production increased by 18.36% in July.

“In July 2021, crude oil production was 2548.78 TMT, which is 3.78% and 3.22% month-on-month compared to July 2020 production. In April-July 2021, total crude oil production was 2021,9961.65 TMT, which is 2.64, according to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

India’s domestic energy production was low. India’s crude oil and gas production fell 5.22% and 8.06%, respectively, in the last fiscal year, which is not good for the country’s energy security.

“Natural gas production in July 2021 was 2891.96 MMCM, which is 10.19% lower than the monthly target of July 2020. Natural gas production in April-July 2021 was 11060.07 MMCM, which is 19.85% higher than last year’s production, but 5.37% lower than the current target.

Filter production also increased in July. India plans to upgrade its upgrade capacity from 239.36 Metapa to 23 Metapa with 23 filters.

Crude oil production in July 2021 was 19383.64 TMT, which is 9.64% higher than July 2020 but less than the monthly target of 4.06%. In April-July 2021, the gross domestic product (GDP) was 76638.47 TMT, which is 3.07% lower than last year’s production.

In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Hydrogen Mission in India on Independence Day. It spends 12 trillion rubles a year to meet India’s energy needs.

Green hydrogen can be produced from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by using an electrically powered electrolyzer that divides water into hydrogen and oxygen and converts 85% of its oil and 53% of its gas needs to India.

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