India is running out of coal.

A few weeks ago, Oilprice was India Fossil fuels are not ready to be trampled. As the country’s population continues to grow and an increasing number of Indians join the ranks of the middle class, the country’s energy needs are set to move beyond renewable energy. In fact, the country relies solely on fossil fuels and renewable energy to meet its needs. Recent reports suggest that as India’s economy recovers from the cholera epidemic and the country eases sanctions, India is rushing to import coal while its own producers are short.

Nearby fifth India has the largest population in the world. Despite rapid growth in recent years, the sub-continent’s population continues to grow. Moreover, every year, Indians have access to more disposable income and goods and services than ever before.

“Indeed, India’s population is much smaller than that of China and the United States, so the Indian subcontinent may be the largest in the world (in population) by 2025,” says Financial Express. Reported Earlier this year.

All of India’s energy and atmospheric emissions have a significant impact on global warming at a time when international cooperation is not essential to mitigate the effects of global warming. Last month, the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced thatCode Red for HumanityAccording to a new destructive report that climate change is now irreversible. Human activity has already changed the climate and climate, but if world leaders and industries try to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, the effects of climate change can still be avoided.

And now, in light of this dire situation, India’s coal consumption is declining sharply. As fossil fuels, the removal of coal from the world’s energy mix is ​​essential to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases. He urged the Indians to start importing coal from other countries as the energy supply was so high that many major power plants were on the verge of extinction. Fuel completely.

According to the Central Electricity Authority of India, more than half of the 135 coal-fired power plants ran out of coal less than a week before the end of supply, and 50 plants lost fuel for less than three days. Six plants have already run out of coal.

Reuters reported this week: “India is the world’s fourth-largest importer of coal, after more than 70%. Moreover, “total electricity increased by 16.1 percent in August, and coal production increased by 23.7% a year earlier.”

While the Indian government is trying to reduce coal exports, that goal is unlikely to continue as Asia’s third-largest economy continues to expand. India mainly imports coal from Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. Indian Electricity Markets He has benefited greatly Earlier this year, a trade deficit between Australia and China and an unofficial coal boycott, the first acquisition of a large quantity of Australian coal intended for Chinese markets. But even those stocks are not enough to meet the demand.

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