Increase mobility training motivation to build State Michigan Eve District

The Road-Travel District will be building on the country’s first-of-its-kind wireless charging route for electric vehicles in the Wayne, Auckland or Macom Districts, such as Whitmer’s announcement Tuesday of moving-forward corridors. More than a year ago, the state said it wanted to build a multidisciplinary “activity corridor” from Detroit to Ann Arbor on Michigan Avenue. Speech Wednesday focuses on electrification and mobility in the state’s automotive industry, not public transportation.

“We appreciate the great American road trip more than most,” Whitmer said. But just as the automotive industry is moving toward an electric fuel cell, the way people travel is changing. Eco-tourism and environmental awareness travel are growing in popularity.

The state will install charging stations along Lake Michigan and attract attractions such as lighthouses, restaurants, ski resorts, golf courses and state and national parks, Whitmer said. The governor wanted to work with other states bordering the lake to fill the “district.”

More details must be removed from the feasibility study before the state can set a timeline, according to Trevor Powell, the state’s chief operating officer.

The Wintermer MAA’s new economic plan, which is up to $ 5 million, is a term used by the governor to identify budget priorities.

MiREV’s efforts begin Wednesday. The State Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity sent a request to three to five organizations to direct the initiative. Applications close November 8.

The tasks include who can be reimbursed, what the employment requirements are and the inclusion of vacancies in the project.

Jeff Donofrio, CEO of Michigan Business Leaders, said he was pleased that anyone leading the program needed to work with employers to make sure the training was relevant.

He also said that by 2030, post-secondary or skills training will help us achieve our 60-by-30 target of 60 percent manpower.

Officials also highlighted recent state-of-the-art automotive investments in the state, including plans to increase the production of electric F-150 trucks in Southeast Michigan.

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