In three first-year projects in Tucson

Lulu Carter T’22, D’17 came to Tuk with the intention of working in the athletic field. To achieve this goal, she intends to create her own FYP, but then in December a project with “Under Armor” appeared on the FYP board. A brief overview of the project is to explore the market for women in the United States and around the world and to find out how it is under Amor and how to continue to strengthen women’s participation in team sports. “It was the kind of project I wanted,” says Carter.

Carter worked with Monk Mahbobani T22 to bring the right team to the FYP. They hired classmates Lindsay Cox, Nickel Shah and Matt Douer, both of whom had experience with the Walmart team sports environment, Boston Red Sox, finance and athletics. In short, they all had a deep love for the temptations under the armor. “This was a big part of why we worked so hard together,” Carter said.

They divided the project into two stages – understanding the market and identifying trends, and confirming insights and trends with four key recommendations and a vision of how those strategies could come to life. Together, they interviewed about 25 female athletes to understand their shopping habits and how they think about athletics retail. “Tuke Group’s analytics and fact-finding, their understanding of the consumer, and their ability to develop strategic advice were remarkable,” says Georgina Wright, the company’s chief strategist.

The team relied on knowledge from major marketing courses, and selected courses on digital change strategy, customer analytics, and retail price analysis in the Tuk curriculum. The proposed project is based on real-world experience from those courses. “Our entire team has come up with skills and knowledge that we can use in the future,” said Carter.

Their work has been proven to be valuable to Under Armor, a company that is partly based on team sports columns and engages with female consumers. “In addition to market share and competitiveness, it was important to focus on social justice and cultural trends,” Wright said. We were talking a lot about our brand purpose under “Armor,” so it was very relevant.

At the conclusion of the project, the Took team presented the 90-slide PowerPoint deck to senior stakeholders, including C-suite executives. Wright noted the professionalism and content of their presentation, and was pleased with the high level of participation from the executive audience. “It’s easy for spectators to politely say ‘you were good, you did well’ and move on. I’ve seen that over and over again, ”Wright said. “During this time, the Chief Product Officer, the Strategic Officer and several Vice Presidents were actively asking questions, indicating that they really valued the team’s recommendations.


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