In the “dangerous situation” of Puerto Rico’s power grid, officials fear total collapse

Puerto Rico is in the process of declaring a state of emergency.Critical conditionFrom the power generators.

The statement said, “It will help speed up access to the necessary equipment and services to renovate parts of their generation,” Puusto Colon, director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, said in a statement on Wednesday night.

The Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority is not the only one responsible for the supply of energy to the United States.

Luma, a private company, has been in charge of the transmission and distribution of electricity on the island, and continues to oversee the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the Public Corporation, and power generation units.

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have been on the island at risk of extinction, from partial power grids to privatization. They often experience long service life, poor customer service, and voltage fluctuations that damage appliances and other home electronics.

The situation has alarmed congressional members, who fear that the imminent collapse of Puerto Rico’s power supply could lead to a complete collapse of the grid.

On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Committee convened a congressional hearing to investigate the state of Puerto Rico’s electrical network and semi-private property.

During the trial, when lawmakers questioned whether Puerto Rico’s power system was on the verge of collapse, Luma officials and officials carefully responded to the situation.

Hurricane Maria destroyed the island’s ancient grid in 2017, sparking the world’s second-longest blackout, saying “the system has been repaired after the hurricane, but not restored.”

Lima CEO Wayne Stensby said the planned power outage has helped prevent power outages and disruptions.

“It is very important that we continue to make repairs and improvements in the next generation,” Stensby said.

More than $ 11 billion in federal funding has been approved by Congress to improve Puerto Rico’s energy system, but no further funding has yet been approved for such projects.

Residents of Puerto Rico are increasingly frustrated by the lack of expensive and unreliable electricity supply. Despite the fact that they used to pay twice as much as the main American power consumers, Porto Ricans began to protest on the island after seeing a fourth increase in their electricity bills.

Further protests are scheduled for Friday and October 15 as the Coalition plans to block the Express Express Las Americas on the busiest street in Puerto Rico.

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the island came from: 4025 of renewable energy by 2025 and the need for full reliance on renewable energy by 2050.

Less than 3 percent of Puerto Rico’s electricity currently comes from renewable energy sources.

“The current grid is not effective” because it is “designed to provide energy,” said Fernando Gil-Ensat, head of the board of directors of the energy authority. , To reject ”- complicates their ability to integrate renewable energy sources.

“Any modernization that can be done on real ships with natural gas technology will help the system better handle the introduction of new renewable energy sources,” Colon added.

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