In the 2021 ESG report, the Turtle and Hughes charts have a bright sustainability mission

Turtle and Hughes 2021 ESG Report

A.D. If we hope to achieve U.S. carbon neutral electricity and net zero carbon emissions by 2035, we must finally change the North American energy grid to be 100% renewable – Board Executive Chairman Jenny Millard, Eli Hughes

Turtle and Hughes, one of the nation’s largest private electric and industrial distributors, has released a 2021 ESG report that promises to promote sustainability in its business and proven solutions for customers, employees and suppliers.

The company’s nearly 100-year commitment to green energy systems will meet both customer demands and new opportunities arising from the bilateral infrastructure investment and labor legislation currently being debated in Congress. Once approved, the bill will support the efficiency and low-carbon products of tortoise customers in public transportation, passenger and freight trains, airports and water projects.

A.D. If we hope to achieve American carbon neutral electricity by 2035 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we need to change the North American energy grid to be 100% renewable. Turtle is proud of our engineering and technological skills to meet this historic challenge, ”said Jenny Millard, executive board of the board.

Recent customer research confirms that sustainability in found products, services and operations is second only to service, which is critical to their partnership.

In an ESG report, Tle Lee outlines a three-pronged sustainability strategy:

  • External Clients: Turtle designed and developed high-tech, high-performance customer solutions that reduce energy supply and cost, facilitate the use and storage of renewable resources, and enable the company to rebuild major infrastructure projects from New York to Los Angeles. .
  • The internal telecom company supports decent workforce and improved workflow in a consolidated office space, and integrates two warehouses in New Jersey into a state-of-the-art distribution center. Solar power has reduced carbon footprint in two offices by 55% and 63%, respectively. And the company is testing electric vehicles in a GPS delivery truck. Employees embrace smart packaging, packaging and waste management practices to achieve their own sustainable goals and goals for their customers.
  • Partner Providers – Turtle and Hughes Combined Supply (This) buys over 10,000 suppliers each year, seeks designations such as ethical and environmental health behavior, and trains on-site resources for each facility on health, safety and environmental standards. As a female-owned and leading company, Turtle provides opportunities for a variety of businesses, including local services.

Examples of custom technical solutions for utilities, manufacturing, commercial construction, medical and metropolitan customers:

  • Renewable micrograss in the Mexican desert. For an international food company, Turtle, which includes solar power, three diesel generators and a megawatt-unit battery storage system, has reduced and improved reliability by 775,000 kW per year.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. In partnership with global leader ChargePoint ኤ, Turtle is working to develop and implement charging stations for businesses, homes, municipalities, retail and health care facilities to help achieve its goal of 2.5 million charging stations by 2025.
  • Energy efficient transportation infrastructure. Massachusetts’ $ 8 billion 5-year capital investment plan, telecom production and lighting packages will be used to renovate stations, modernize revenue collection and improve access. Increasing the number of rides by 50,000 rides a day will significantly reduce vehicle emissions.
  • LED upgrades. For a medical technology company, tortoise elevated 1,105 inefficient devices to LED with integrated home sensors, saving $ 82,355 and reducing CO2 by 543,633 kilograms, among other greenhouse gases.

Fourth-generation, family-owned businesses are the most important assets: at Turley University, diversity, skills development (there are about 30,000 courses available), security in special health programs for families to support during an outbreak, and staff-led charities.

“In Tle Lee, ’empowering a better tomorrow’ is more than just a line. We are committed to protecting our planet, showing compassion to the needy and providing our clients with the tools and experience to excel in their work and life, ”said Kathleen Shanhan, CEO of Turley.

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About the tortoise and Hughes

Tortoise and Hughes have over 100 years of market experience and are ranked among the top 20 electricity distribution companies nationwide. It is an independent, female-owned enterprise serving the industrial, construction, trade, electricity, export and consumer markets. Turtle and Hughes integrated supply chain (this), services to Fortune 100 companies operating nationwide, and to Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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