In Post-Technical Diploma Studies, Takta adds 8 new courses in developing areas | Education

The Karnataka government on Thursday resumed the process of enrolling in the region’s Polytechnic Diploma with eight new courses and revised courses in the new C20.

Higher Education Minister CN Ashwat Narayan said the measures are in line with current developments and needs to increase student employment and align the courses with the NSQF (National Skills Framework) and international standards.

The 8 new diploma programs offered by the Department of Technical Education (DIT) in developing areas include alternative energy technologies, cyber security, food processing and conservation, travel and tourism (including logistics management), cloud computing and big data, automation and robotics, direction, script writing And TV production, cyber physical systems and security.

They are promoting colleges in Garibidanr, Shiralakopa, Kudligi, Rabakavi, Banahatti, Aurad, Bengaldu, Chenagiri, Copa, Honnali and Kapu (UDP), the minister said in his office.

In addition to the new addition, there are 33 courses in the Polytechnic Diploma.

In addition, in the 3rd year of data science, AI and ML, Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy, Industrial Automotive and Industrial Electrical, Structural Engineering, 12 different disciplines will be offered. Infrastructure engineering; Net Zero Buildings, IOT, VLC and Integrated Systems, PCB Design and Innovation and Medical Electronics, ”Narayana explained.

The enrollment process has been changed so that students can enter the nearest Polytechnic at their own discretion.

With the exception of 26 polytechnics (out of a total of 87 government polytechnics), students enrolled in the remaining polytechnics and received first- and first-degree admission.

After extensive consultations with industry, academics, alumni and the government, the Minister announced new courses and a new C20 curriculum. Clues have also been added to diploma courses in countries such as Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

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