In conjunction with the AOC, Gov Hull killed natural gas power projects in Queens, Northern NY

In collaboration with Alexandria Okasio-Cortez, a representative of the local left, Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday killed two natural gas projects in Queens and Newburg.

According to State Department Environment Commissioner Basil Segos, both proposals to reduce carbon emissions fail to comply with the state’s “climate management and community protection laws.”

Power Company NRG says the project will rehabilitate the 50-year-old natural gas burner near the Robert Kennedy / Triborow Bridge and reduce carbon emissions.

The Astoria plant is said to be “high” during the summer heat when millions of New York residents explode their air conditioners because they provide the additional power needed for the electrical grid during peak use.

Our review confirms that the proposed project does not comply with the requirements of climate management and community protection law. The proposed project would not comply with or interfere with statewide greenhouse gas emissions under Climate Law, Segos said in a statement denying the permit.

“Despite this inconsistency, Astoria NRG has not been able to demonstrate the need or approval for the proposed project.”

For the same reason, Segos rejected the Danskamer Energy Center’s New Gas energy project.

Hochul praised the action taken by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“I commend the Department of Environmental Affairs’ decision to revoke Title V licenses for Danskammer Energy Center and Astoria Gas Turbine Power, LLC. Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, and we owe it to the next generation of national leaders to achieve our climate and emissions goals, the governor said in a statement.

The proposed project is in opposition to the project – in the district of Okasio-Cortez and in the state by Senator Michael Gianaris (D. Quinn).

Governor Kathy Hohlul sided with Reporter Alexandria Okasio-Cortez and the local left.
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Oaksio-Cortez, a supporter of the New Deal for the Elimination of Carbon Fossils, protested against the use of fractional natural gas by the Austrian power plant during a celebration of Earth Day in April.

“We will not allow our water to be polluted. We will not allow our air to be touched, ”said a congresswoman.

“Our community has won on the sand with new oil infrastructure,” Gianaris said on Wednesday. Let it be a statement of what our policy should be to combat climate change. Fossil fuels no longer have to be approved! ”Says Gianaris.

“We truly thank the organizers and community leaders who fought so hard for this victory.”

Environmentalists have praised Hochu’s decision and urged her to ban other fossil fuels.

Government Alex Beuchap, director of the North East Regional Food and Water Watch, said the promise was made.

New York State Senator Michael Gianaris
Both Alexandria Okasio-Cortez and State Senator Michael Janaris are opponents of the project.
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The action taken by the group is reminiscent of the previous government. Andrew Kumo His decision in 2014 to revoke New York’s natural gas licensing licenses would eliminate India’s nuclear power plant in the north-south border between Pennsylvania and Westchester.

However, deepening or smashing of natural gas is permitted in the Marcelus Shell region of Pennsylvania.

NRG, in a statement, misinterpreted Hull’s decision, saying, “There are not enough renewable resources in New York City today to keep the lights on.”

“It is unfortunate that New York has resisted the opportunity to dramatically reduce pollution and strengthen the capacity of millions of New Yorkers,” said Tom Atkins, vice president of energy development.

“The energy storage project would immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions and completely convert it into green hydrogen in the future.

“Of course, there are not enough renewable resources in New York City today to keep the lights on, which is why we think the decision by DEC is too short,” he added. Of particular concern is the recent analysis of Niiso. [New York Independent Service Operator] The impact of severe weather events in 2023 will ’cause deficit in New York City’.

Governor Kathy Hochul
Governor Kathy Hochul praised the action taken by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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“From the very beginning, the Austrian replacement project will help turn New York into a zero carbon grid, and once there is enough renewable energy, our plant will be converted to green hydrogen or stopped working.

“New York residents need fresh air and reliable energy to ensure that the lights are on when they are most in need of our small businesses, homes, schools and hospitals. This project was provided and this is why NRG was struggling with workers’ leaders, small business community and local Queens residents.” We appreciate your support in the process.

The American Gas Association on Tuesday said it is part of a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We expect the cold winter to make their customers use more natural gas, but even if it is used, their customers are saving money and reducing their carbon footprint because of the economic and environmental benefits of this fuel compared to other energy sources,” he said. Richard Meyer, AGA Vice President, Energy Markets, Analysis and Standards.

“The American Gas Association is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing consumers’ choice of reliable, resilient, and cost-effective energy through modern innovations, new and modern infrastructure and advanced technologies.”


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