In a 2012 report, the pipeline operator described the massive oil spill as a “bad situation.”

A 13-square-mile oil spill off the coast of Southern California has forced officials to close their beaches and warn of environmental hazards on Sunday.

Ampliff Energy, the owner of the pipeline, is working on the closure of the offshore oil pipeline, which is being investigated as a source of 126,000 gallons of seawater from Newport Beach.

Officials said on Sunday that an estimated 3,150 gallons of oil had returned from the water, but the damage to the local ecosystem was already clear.

Orange County Superintendent Katrina Foley tweeted: “We’ve seen dead birds and fish swimming on the beach.”

According to NBC News, the 2012 plan, developed by pipeline operator Beta Beach, could cut an estimated 3,000 barrels or 126,000 gallons of oil from a three-mile pipeline off the coast.

He described the situation as “extremely serious” because of the “close proximity of moving waters and the so-called coastal areas.”

Martin Wilshere, general manager of Amplus Energy, said they were exploring a source that could drain the drain about four miles from the beach. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the 2012 plan.

On Sunday, contractors deployed booms and barriers, known as boom, in wetlands in Hullington Beach, California, to prevent further oil spills.Ringo HW Chiu / AP

Wilshere said at a news conference Sunday that the pipeline was closed. But local officials said the damage may have already taken place.

Orange County Superintendent Katrina Foley tweeted: “We’ve seen dead birds and fish swimming on the beach.”

A spokesman for the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife confirmed that only one animal was injured in the crash. Other dead and injured wildlife reports are being investigated, he said.

Late Sunday, the department announced the closure of approximately 35 miles off the coast and up to six miles off the coast.

Foley said she visited the area on Sunday and felt a bite in the air.

“My throat hurts,” she said at a news conference.

Fole said she saw small clusters of oil on the beach in comparison to the egg yolk. She begged the residents to stay away from the area and not to disturb the oil basket.

County health officials have warned residents to be aware of other side effects that can cause dizziness, headaches and oil spills. Some beaches on Huntington Beach were closed on Sunday, and the city said in a statement:Significant ecological impacts“On the beach and on wet ground.

The leak forced the city to cancel the Pacific Airlines deadline because equipment and bombs were deployed to prevent oil spills in ecologically vulnerable areas, he said. The district’s representative, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, has called on President Joe Biden to declare a major risk to help with recovery efforts.

Mioko Sakashita, director of the Center for Biological Diversity at the Ocean Program, said the leak was a sad reminder of the dangers posed by excavations at sea.

“I have recently seen old oil rigs off the coast of Huntington, and I know it is too late to destroy these time bombs,” she said. Even after penalties and criminal charges, the oil industry is still flowing in California’s waters because these companies cannot operate safely.

Since its fall on the shores of Santa Barbara in 1969, Californians have been wary of seawater, and images of birds and other wildlife covered with heavy black guns have helped revive modern environmental movement.

Wilshere said the pipeline is connected to a processing plant: one in three Houston-based amplified environments is 17.5 miles from the coast. Built in the 1970s and ’80s, he said the company had been owned for nine years.

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He said the pipeline was inspected annually and that it was “carefully guarded” last week. The pipeline has a capacity of 126,000 gallons, and Wilshere said it no longer expects sewage.

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