In 2020, the wind power sector will grow

The wind power sector is growing in the United States New report As part of President Biden’s plan to reduce zero emissions to zero by 2035, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is highlighting the growth of wind power in the country.

A.D. By 2020, more than 16,000 megawatts of U.S. wind power will be generated, an annual record. The wind turbine, which has invested $ 24.6 billion in 25 states, marks the first time it has surpassed solar power.

Sixteen states generally receive more than 10 percent of their electricity from underground wind farms;

“These reports contain such shocking news: the United States broke the ground-based wind record last year. They will build on the potential for improved growth and more affordable wind power – all by President Biden’s goal of decentralizing the electricity sector by 2035. Said Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granoll. At DOE, we are doubling down on efforts to deploy more wind power across the country, as we follow technologies to make even turbines cheaper and more efficient.

This development applies to both wind turbines and offshore wind turbine installations.

Coastal states such as New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia are all experiencing major developments in wind turbines. Some popular projects include the Rhode Island and Virginia Coast Windshield and the Massachusetts Vineyard I project.

Overall, these loads have contributed to a 24 percent increase in coastal wind power in U.S. waters.

Declining turbine prices have helped drive more federal and municipal investment in wind power with an increase in average size and power. DOE estimates that the price of wind turbines has dropped “downward” since 2008, falling from $ 1,800 per kilowatt to $ 770-850.

Growth in the wind energy sector is also sustainable, with wind turbines contributing to global warming by producing no carbon dioxide. Achieving a clean zero energy sector is crucial for Biden’s top goals to achieve a net zero economy by 2050.

This is the latest chapter in America’s ever-growing development of renewable energy. China is the only country in the United States to report on wind power.


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