Impact Stages 2022: New Method Introduced

For the next method Times Higher Education Influence ratings are published in seven languages.

The 2022 Score Standards based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be drawn on a similar scale this year, but a few indicators have been added, some definitions have been corrected.

For example, the SDGs for SDG 17 in Education (Partnership for Goal Agencies) will now offer institutions dedicated courses on sustainability and SDGs, and conduct educational outreach activities dedicated to the larger community. In the past, Metric has only required commitment to meaningful education at the university, in some or all of its programs.

Meanwhile, an indicator of commitment to SDG 7 (Reasonable and Pure Energy) to 100% renewable energy indicates that this commitment should now be made public and informed to those outside the university.

Many indicators now explicitly mention support for refugees and refugees. The SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality) Index on Non-Representation Groups Tracking Application and Admission Rates This category includes newly established refugee students, ethnic minorities, low-income students, non-traditional students, women, LGBT students and students with disabilities. .

The SDG 4 (Quality Education) Index for Lifetime Learning Opportunities for All Now refers to immigration among other forms of discrimination. ”As an example.

For the 2022 Impact Levels, the full English language method is available here, year-over-year changes are highlighted here in red.

University Entry Achievement Report 2022 will be open from September 20 to mid-November and will include system links in six other languages ​​(Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish).

Influence levels of 2022 The April 2022 at the Swedish Innovation and Impact Conference mit. Register your interest.

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