IMPACT Institute provides free training for manufacturing jobs

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Hudson, NC (September 21, 2021) – Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute are currently accepting applications for two upcoming IMPACT (Industrial Pre-Training Custom Training) Institute courses. Day and night options are offered.

In order to continue their education at one of the many programs at CCC & TI, the student qualifies for educational opportunities and the program provides skills and certifications required for advanced production at the introductory stage.

IMPACT, developed at no cost to students, is built in collaboration with local employers due to the shortage of qualified manufacturing workers.

The evening IMPACT Institute will meet at the Caldwell Campus in Hudson from Monday to Thursday, October 4 through December 1. October 4 to October 28.

IMPACT offers full scholarships for education, textbooks and students who meet. Students who have completed the IMPACT Institute course will also be eligible for additional scholarships for one of the following programs at CCC & TI: Cost of Education, Books and Supplies: Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Systems – Machinery, Industrial Systems – Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering and Bidding.

To be eligible for the IMPACT Institute, students must be at least 18 years old and have obtained a high school diploma. The IMPACT Institute is funded by Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas.

Please call 828-726-2242 or visit to register for the course or for more information

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