Immersion into public policy within the international policy group

Emma My Reagan ’22 is exploring the world of public policy through the Washington DC-based Global Policy Group (GPG). Founded by Ian Grag ’79, GPG provides local and international corporations with a wide range of business interests in American politics.

Reagan’s role usually involves overseeing imaginary programs: think tank events, senate and home committee hearings, and nonprofits. Her job is to process the information and collect notes of the entire report she shared with her boss.

Reagan is also tasked with conducting research on various federal departments. She recently examined the Department of Energy, focusing on climate change, energy sources and economic policies.

Reagan said the documents will be shared with some GPG clients to “better understand the climate in the United States, US politics and foreign policy.” Because the documents are from a college student’s point of view, they are written in a way that is more understandable – especially if the client is from abroad. ”

Last fall, Reagan attended an event for students who had worked in government. There, she heard Kyle Miller “21” talking about her time in GPG last summer. “[Kayleigh] He had a really positive experience there and the GPG seemed to match my education and career needs, ”Reagan recalls. After that, she met Miller, who led Reagan with Grag, who led Reagan to the privacy application process.

In her current role, Reagan emphasizes the two most valuable Hamilton courses, politics in China and Russia. “Many of the events I have attended have focused on relations with Russia and with China and the United States,” he said. Those classes were very important to attend because I feel like I already know what is going on.

“I’m trying to keep my options open,” she said on her post-graduation plan. She said that the field of international relations has many, many different opportunities. So far, “I really want to work for a consulting firm or a non-profit organization.”

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