illycaffè announces a Food Sustainability Scholarship to support students at the American Food Institute

new York, August 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / -lylycaffè, a global leader in the production of sustainable high quality coffee and its long-term support American Cooking Institute (CIA) is proud to announce a scholarship program that supports the education and development of students who focus on field-to-table, sustainable practice studies at the World Food College. Of Eli Farm-to-Table Scholarship It begins early in this fall.

“Sustainability is part of Ilian DNA,” he said Jack Edwards, President of Eli Cafe North America. The recent initiative of one of our people says that everyone can make a difference in working for a sustainable world, and this scholarship will help students who share that vision achieve their dreams.

CIA farm-to-table concentrations allow students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in food business management or applied food research to explore topics such as advanced cooking, food ecology, sustainable food systems, and human-community relationships. Students in this concentration camp will also learn how to obtain nutrients from local farms, fields and forests and develop menus using what they have acquired.

“As our focus from the farm to the table grows in popularity, there is a greater need for student support in that program,” he said. Kevin Allen, Vice President of CIA Development. Thank you for this scholarship, and for Eli’s continued support of the CIA’s educational mission.

The CIA offers two to four scholarships to eligible CIA students through a competitive essay application.

Illycaffè’s partnership with the CIA dates back to nearly a decade, focusing on Bure’s education and handicrafts at Bakery Cafe in Ili, a student-run bakery and cafe in Griston. St. Helena, California

In addition, for more than 85 years, Ilycafe, along with its partners and illegal coffee lovers, has continued to focus on sustainable development for the better. The One Makes The Diversity Initiative is a commitment to sustainable development of sustainable agricultural technology techniques, products and solutions that will meet the needs of consumers using fewer materials and energy resources to reduce environmental impact.

Earlier this year, Ilycafe teamed up with MICHELIN Guide Green Star Europe And the United States’ efforts to focus and win over the leading restaurants and ff in a more sustainable approach to gastronomy. In April 2021, illycaffè became the first international Italian coffee company to receive a B-Corp rating.

In Care Of American Cooking Institute

A.D. Founded in 1946, The American Cooking Institute It is the world’s leading culinary college. Based on developing leaders in food service and hospitality, the independent, non-profit CIA offers master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees in culinary arts, bakery and pastry arts, catering business management, hospitality management, food science and applied food. Studies. The college also offers executive education, certification programs and courses for professionals and enthusiasts. Its conferences, leadership initiatives and consulting services include CIA Food Industry Tank and more than 50,000 global networks of creators in every food world. It has places in the CIA new York, California, Texas, And Singapore. For more information, visit

About illycaffè

illycaffè A.D. It is an Italian family-owned company founded in 1933 in Tristle. The mission is always to provide the best coffee in the world. Elikafe produces a unique 100% Arabica blend with 9 best varieties in the world, selected by Ilikafe – 8 million cups of Ilika coffee every day in more than 140 countries, cafes, restaurants and hotels, single-branded cafes and shops, at home. As a result of its innovations, Elikafe contributes to the development of coffee technology globally. A.D. In 1991, “Prime Minister Ernesto Ili de Decidade sustentavel do café para espresso”. Brazil For quality espresso coffee. Illycaffè has contributed to the sharing of knowledge by paying a premium price to the best quality selected by illycaffè. Since 2016, at the Ernesto Ili International Coffee Award, the company has honored coffee growers around the world by producing the best sustainable coffee. Since 2013, the company has been on the list of the world’s most ethical companies. A.D. By 2019, it has strengthened its commitment to a sustainable business model by integrating people’s needs into the environment, accepting the status of a social company and incorporating this commitment into its own charter. A.D. In 2021, Ilycafeff was the first Italian company to receive international certification in the coffee industry as a result of its commitment to the highest social and environmental performance standards. The company has established a coffee university that aims to share culture at all levels and provides comprehensive and practical training to farmers, barista and coffee lovers. All “Pornography” is about beauty and art, the founding principles of the brand, from the logo to the artist James Rosenquist, Decorated with more than 100 international artists up to illegal art collection. A.D. In 2020, the company employed 1291 people and posted a net profit of 446.5 million euros. In more than 40 countries around the world, there are 261 individual trademark stores. A.D. In 2021, Rone Capital contributed to the company’s global growth plans and became a shareholder of Elicaf e. Visit for more information


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