IITs, IISc offers new courses on sustainable development in electric vehicles, IOT, Swamp

NPTEL, IITs and IISc Joint Initiative, launched new courses in Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy, IoT Design, Business and Sustainable Development, for the July 2021 semester on the Swayam Forum.

Semester registrations for the July-December 2021 semester have already begun. August 2 is the deadline to register for the first set of NPTEL courses. Students can enroll in NPTEL courses at swayam.gov.in/NPTEL.

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“Students and teachers from these institutions take NPTEL courses to improve their knowledge and skills,” said Vingesh Mutawiyan, coordinator of NPTEL at IIT Madras. Some of the popular courses on the NPTEL platform include information science for engineers, programming lessons in Python, C, C ++, machine learning, soft skills, project planning and supervision, and more.

NPTEL offers certification courses in the format of MOOCs. Students must watch videos online, submit weekly homework and sign up for an optional final exam. There is a nominal fee for the certification in person. Students can request credit transfers after clearing the NPTEL certification exam.

NPTEL has received over 1.4 million subscriptions to date. , IIT-Madras I understand. NPTEL videos have so far received over one billion views and NPTEL channels on YouTube have over 3.1 million subscribers.

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To facilitate student efforts and lead them to pursue careers in an area, NPTEL has introduced the concept of ‘domain verification’. One domain includes core and optional NPTEL courses. There are no additional fees involved in obtaining domain certification. There are currently 51 domains in 12 sectors and 85 students have completed domain certification since NPTEL.

Harshawahan Patil, Savitribai Phule High School, Nand, Maharashtra, 15-year-old, is one of the youngest NPTEL students and has completed five certification courses through NPTEL: effective writing, soft skills development, stress management, biochemistry, and competitive exams. English language.


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