IIT Hyderabad launches BTech in computing, biotech and industrial engineering

Hyderabad, India Institute of Technology (IIT) has launched three BTech programs in Biotechnology and Bio-Information, Computer Engineering and Industrial Chemistry from Academic Session 2021. After four years of programming, students will be ready to work in a variety of industries, such as pharmacy. And pharmaceutical design, polymer industry, petrochemical industries, environment and energy, etc.

BTech specializes in student biotechnology skills, including artificial intelligence and soft computing, web technologies, structural biology, biological information mining, image processing, modeling and simulation, systems biology, and biostatistics. IITH Professor Anindia Roy: Make sure the students are ready for work.

In Computational Engineering, BTech students will receive comprehensive instruction in numerical methods and algorithms, modeling and modeling of engineering systems and processes, high performance computing, process control and optimization, data analysis, and machine learning. , Professor Raja Bannerje, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

In addition to the BTech curriculum, students must take an elective course from any class, and complete 12 additional credits outside of the BTech curriculum such as entrepreneurship, computer science, etc. In that area.

The BTech curriculum offers students the opportunity to take courses in all fields of science, including math, physics and chemistry in the first two semesters. During the sixth semester, students will be able to choose from semester-long projects that give them the opportunity to work in biotech, pharmacy, manufacturing, information technology, information technology, data analysis, and chemistry informatics and gradually move into full-time jobs. .

IIT Hyderabad Director Professor BS Murti, enthusiastic and eager to explore the minds of young people, “IT Hyderabad believes in professional programs at the UG and PG level. These industry-oriented BTechs are a step in the right direction and are designed to meet future and current industry needs. Students interested in pursuing further studies or research after BTech will have many options to choose from national and international universities.

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