IIT-Delhi launches BTech in Energy Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi will soon launch a new energy science and engineering department to expand the scope of activities at the 45-year-old Center for Energy Research (CES). CES will be renamed the Department of Energy Science and Engineering.

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Presented by the three existing MTech programs (including the one sponsored by International Solar Alliance for colleagues from around the world), the new unit offers its undergraduate program, BTech, in Energy Engineering. 2021-2022 Academic Session with 40 eligible (GE) students.

KA Subramanian, CES, Head, “There is a critical need to develop a workforce capable of fully responding to a wide range of energy and environmental challenges. The new BTech program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to address the energy challenges facing humanity: energy access, supply quality and reliability, as well as utilization, carbonation, and cost reduction. Power supply, etc. ”

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In addition to unique field-specific skills, BTech students are expected to have other skills, such as environmental awareness and a deeper understanding of sustainability concepts. Graduates of the BTech program are more likely to find technical jobs in organizations in the major areas of energy and climate change, energy transfer, energy access, and safety.


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