‘If you want to see things that have nothing to do with it,’ ‘Phil Phillson burst into tears

Earlier this month, Phil Mikelsen hit a T-shirt in the 10th hole of the Tucana and Country Club.

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Phil Mikelsen, two weeks ago at the Tumukana Country Club in Par-4 12, hit the T-shirt and a video on the Champions Tour website was dubbed a “brutal lie.” He hit 300 meters on a 346-yard hole. As Fury and his friends set out to win, a bird flew about 8 feet into the pit.

Mikelson may not hit the T-shot wherever he wanted, but he hit it as he liked. It was Bryson DeChambeau’s tactic that embarked on the left wing with the left dash for the US Open victory last year. Hit it to the left. Hit it right. Hit it straight.

But hit him hard.

Mikelsen will finish the first week in car distance (Pop 301.8 yards). And 81 driving accuracy (21 of 42 fair ways). But does long-distance and sometimes wide hit work everywhere? While defending the classic title of Dominion Energy Charity at Virginia Country Club this week, Mikelsen himself said he wants Mikelsen to “be a little more patient and manage my game a little bit.” Seeing this, the reporter asked:

Phil Mikelson

‘That was the nut’

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“Please correct me if I am wrong [but] Your last victory on this tour, I think you were 81st in driving accuracy. I don’t know if I have that right, but will you miss it this week? ”

“So I look at the longest, just like I tried to hit so far here, and I was number 1 in the distance,” Mikelsen said Thursday. “That’s the way I see it. If you want to see something inappropriate, grab it.

“What I am seeing is the distance. I want to hit him – I try to fly and try 305 – because I am a very good wrestler and if I have a sweater in my hand I will have a hard time winning.

Still, Michaelson admits that it is not difficult for him to make at least 50 or more visits, and that the arrangements are a little more friendly than a regular visit.

“I use it to have fun, to be with people I know, to be with people I know. “I’m taking it as an opportunity to compete but in an environment where it doesn’t hit you. I think you can’t escape the longing because of how hard the courses on the tour are, how difficult the pin assignments are, and how close the pins are to the ends. If you cut yourself, you will not be able to get up and down.

“I like to be able to play brutally, so it allows me to relax and play as I like to play here, and I play that on a regular tour and try to practice that kind of game. , Because if you shorten yourself there, they are very close.

American Phil Mikelson in the first round of the PGA Tour Champions Community FURYK and friends

Why is it wrong for Phil Mikelson to deal with the latest laws?

as if

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At the moment, the Champions League tour is not as much about playing in open-air driving. Two weeks ago, for the consecutive days at the Tumukana Country Club, even Mikelsen remained in the 4th-16th place and was punched in the trees. used to some Defense.

It was just another disaster.

“I heard today that he won 10 days ago and I was 81st in driving accuracy,” said Bernhard Langer, one of the most successful players in Champions League history. “If I were 81th in driver accuracy, I wouldn’t finish in 20, and he won the race.

“This shows that length plays a big role in this game, and so does short play, wrestling and save. But I didn’t think that was possible in a golf course like we played in Jacksonville, to lose those many shows and at the top of the stage. But you know, like Phil did. All glory to him for that.

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