If the homeowners refuse to participate in the hydrogen test, it could be cut off by power gas

Using low-carbon hydrogen methane, it is considered “green” if renewable electricity is used, which is classified as “blue” and emits, or by electrolysis.

According to the business’s 2018 analysis, it will cost about ቢሊዮን 22 billion to prepare the gas distribution network for hydrogen, and hydrogen costs are about three times that of natural gas.

Philip Dunn, Conservative Chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, said: to whom it May concern “

“It’s a matter of time,” said Darren Jones, a staff member of the Business, Energy and Industry Strategy Committee.

At the end of the transition period, there may be some families who will eventually be forced into a low-carbon alternative, but these forces should not be used early in the transition, and especially other alternatives that do not work in the market and / or without government funding. ”

Participants will be given options in the village hydrogen test according to government plans.

Delayed government plans

The government’s long-delayed heating and building strategy is expected to include plans to convert homes into low-carbon heating, including funding for energy efficiency and heat pumps.

He is expected to come up with plans to divert green energy from electricity to gas bills to encourage the conversion of electricity, such as heat pumps.

However, when the price rises again in February, both can be delayed again due to the gas congestion, which has forced consumers to record wholesale prices.

“Hydrogen is not an easy solution,” said Richard Lows, an energy expert at Exeter University.

“We’ve been told it’s easy to do and people don’t even realize it. Obviously, this is not the case. ”

A spokesman for the BIS said: “The UK is playing a leading role in tackling climate change. In 2026, it will decide on the role of hydrogen by heating homes.

“No one is required to use hydrogen as part of heating experiments and no experiments will be performed until we are satisfied. Gas distribution networks also use homes designed as a last resort to keep homes safe.


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