If the government can’t keep the new FSRU – close the Engro LNG terminal to create a massive gas crisis

ISLAMABAD: If the government fails to maintain the new floating storage unit (FSRU) Sequoia, the country could face a massive gas tanker explosion on September 5-6, 20 August 2021.

And the government’s failure to protect the new FSSR will result in the FSRU Sequoia not being able to use the extra 180mmcfd capacity, resulting in higher gas load during the winter. Utilizing additional capacity at both LNG terminals in Islamabad.

Participants also discussed the dire situation following the closure of the Engro LNG terminal following the fall of the government. During the winter, demand was up to 5 bcfd (billion cubic feet per day), and the country’s combined gas supply was compressed to 2.8 bcfd. The government can import 1.2 COSDs based on sovereign guarantees, but the PTI government can manage the FSRUs if it can use the additional capacity of the FSRUs at the 330mmcfd at Engro and PGCL (Pakistan Gas Port Consortium). It has reduced the amount of gas that will hit the country in the future.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the two terminals want to use more capacity to avoid political turmoil during the coming winter due to the huge gas crisis.

Due to fears of NAB, government officials are protesting against the increased capacity of the Engiro LNG terminal and as a result the Petroleum Division has suspended the two LNG terminals. And if NAB does not respond on time, the government will not be able to maintain the new FSRU at the Engi LNG terminal.

The government wants to buy more capacity from the new FSRU in the Angiero LNN terminal through Sui South. However, PGPCL terminal management wants to use 150mmcfd in a private-to-private model and is not interested in selling it to PLL (Pakistan LNG Limited).

If the 780mmcfd FSRU is not seized, then the old FSRU Exceisite, which went to Qatar on June 28-29, 2021 for a dry plant, will return on September 5-6 and return, according to senior officials of the gas companies. Replaces existing FSRU.

To complete the replacement process and make the old FSRU fully operational, the Ingro LNG terminal will have to be closed for three days, losing the country’s gas supply to 680 mmF. Within three days, the government will have no choice but to cut off supply to the export, non-export industries, CNG and fertilizer sectors, and domestic gas supply will be low in some parts of the country. Sector.

However, after three days, the imported gas supply will be partially completed and the LNG terminal will be fully operational on the sixth or seventh day.

However, sources at Engero Terminal say talks between the newly installed FSRU and the government have not been completed and further talks are expected this week to clear the future. If they really want to buy 180mmcfd more capacity, the government has been asked to keep the new FSRU until August 30, and if not, then the old FSRU with a maximum capacity of 660mmcfd will come on September 5 – 6 from Qatar.

Asked if Enjro would ensure the import of the old FSS from Qatar to alleviate the gas crisis in the country, he said it was based on a PSO agreement with a Qatari gas company. However, an Engro official said that when the old FRC arrives, the existing terminal will be closed for three days.

The author sent a request to a PSO spokesperson: In that case, the country could be stuck in gas supplies for several days. And the extent of the deficiency in the imported gas. And if an RLNG-sized drywall is installed at the FSSU terminal, then how much gas will remain for the transition period? ”

The spokesman replied, “Any discussions that are taking place are too early to talk about failure. Having said that, in the case of the FSRU, the maximum amount in the upgrade rate will be 3 to 4 days. However, in our opinion, that can be managed through freight management. Equivalent to 50,000 tons of fuel oil. Technically the same will be the case when replacing the FSS in the dry season but at that time the power demand was very high and now it has dropped from 150 to 200 mM.

According to Petroleum Division officials, the country has fossil fuels for four days, which will be used for power generation when the Engro LNG terminal is closed. However, during the closure of independent experts, the government may require an additional 150mmcfd capacity at the PGPCL terminal and arrange for the arrival of the old LSS in Qatar, both of which will reduce the gas crisis during the 6-7 day transition.


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