Ida suffered a “tragic” injury and fainted in the heat

The hurricane cut off power to more than 1 million homes and businesses, including the entire city of New Orleans.

Extreme weather conditions are expected to pose a threat to many states, and are expected to trigger major search and rescue operations. But the missions were complicated by poor 911 routes and poor cell phone service, including the congested Orleans and Jefferson parishes in southeastern Louisiana.

At least one person, a 60-year-old man, was killed when a tree fell on his house in the Ascension Parish, south of Baton Rouge.

Officials believe the death toll could “rise sharply,” Governor John Bell Edwards of Southeast Louisiana said on Monday at the NBC’s “Today” show.

The last on Ida

As rescue operations begin on Monday with the deployment of large water trucks, boats and dozens of helicopters, the $ 14 billion system in Louisiana appears to be close to Ida, Edwards said. The sophisticated system is designed to protect the 133-mile area from the New Orleans Metro.

Everwards Citing Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he hinted that he had made some improvements. There was no failure. The situation in New Orleans today was very bad. And in the years that followed, a huge investment in feathers.

The governor added: “This hurricane has wreaked havoc. He gave the predicted storm, the forecast wind, and the rain. ”

Electricity appliances reported more than 1 million homes and businesses in Louisiana and another 100,000 in Mississippi. New Orleans, the city’s main power utility, with nearly 200,000 customers, lost power on Sunday evening due to “catastrophic damage” to its transmission system. Of The company revealed on Twitter Monday: “It will take several days to determine the damage to the power grid in Metro New Orleans and to restore electricity to the region.”

The National Hurricane Center said rain and hurricanes “had devastating effects on the coasts of Louisiana and Southeast Asia.” On the same day that Ida was hit by a hurricane 16 years ago, Ida warned of a hurricane and flooding that caused Category 4 hurricanes to fall by 150 miles.

Now wandering through southern Mississippi, Ida had winds of about 40 miles by 11:00 am. He warned that hurricanes could still cause damage as the hurricane continues to move inland, and warnings were issued for hurricanes along the Alabama-Florida border Monday night, including in the state’s southeast Mississippi.

Storms ripped through the roofs of buildings in New Orleans, scattering debris in the famous French neighborhood, and huge trees flooded the island of Louisiana and the Grand Island. In St. Rose, New Orleans, Download video Two large boats collided on social media.

Flooding in St. John’s Parish, west of New Orleans, east of the Mississippi River, caused people to use social media to report inmates upstairs.

“I know we are not on our own, and it will be fine,” said Tiffany Miller, a Laplace resident who fled to Laplace. It flooded her subdivision.

Edwards said houses in St. John’s Parish were damaged to the point of no return.

On Monday morning, as the sun rose and the teams prepared to leave for the night, authorities were preparing to investigate. Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Chung told “Today” that the 250 rescue calls had arrived overnight.

“We are finishing the night of fear for many individuals,” he said. We see the damage today.

The Leves in the Lafete area are said to be sitting on it, but they have not suffered any structural damage, he added.

Dean Criswell, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said the damage could be worse than previously thought.

“This will be a really long recovery,” she told MSNBC early Monday.

The New Orleans City Sewage and Water Board power outage could affect the “significant” number of 84 sewers, he said. The board said He said he had found backup generators for some, but “we have asked residents to limit the use of domestic water to prevent sewerage, so we have reduced the amount of sewage we need to remove.”

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As the hurricane makes its way across the Mississippi River, Ida falls in Port Forcho, Louisiana.

Lafore parish officials reported extensive damage to buildings, including two hospitals, on Monday.

“All patients and staff are safe at this time,” said Karen Collins, the hospital’s chief executive, in a Facebook post.

The Thibodaux Regional Medical Center partial generator failed, but continues to operate and is working with the state Department of Health.

The most contagious delta variant in Louisiana is the fourth major non-vaccinated vaccine, and both hospitals have been treating patients with VV-19.

Patients in other hospitals across the country are being evacuated ahead of the storm, and officials said they would assess the damage Monday.

On Earth, Ida’s winds were only 157 miles short, and the scale was classified as a Category 5 hurricane in the Sapphire-Simpson hurricane, measuring 1 to 5 waves depending on the maximum continuous wind speed. In the last century, Category 5 hurricanes were the only four hurricanes in the Americas.

President Joe Biden on Sunday night approved a Louisiana disaster declaration, releasing federal aid to people and governments in the affected areas.

“It’s not time to vacate your home,” New Orleans police said Monday morning, shutting down trees and power lines.

New Orleans Police Chief Shawn Ferguson said the city will implement anti-robbery measures. A.D. After Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005, robbers broke into shops and stole jewelry, clothing, and other items.

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