Ida payment continues: 2 more carcasses found in New Jersey, more than 100 oily birds found

In Ida State, 84 people died in eight states.

The death toll is rising as locals try to save their lives and authorities rescue oats that have been affected by oil spills.

A total of 84 people were killed in eight states in Idaho in a Category 4 hurricane that struck on August 29. In the Northeast alone, 54 people died.

The death toll in New Jersey has risen to 29 following the discovery of two bodies by Pacific Mayor Hector C. Laura, who returned from the Pacific River on Wednesday and Thursday.

They are friends of Nidi Rana, 18, and Ayush Rana, a 21-year-old medical examiner in the state, Laura said in a press release on Friday.

Search and rescue workers searched the river during the week. Nidi’s body was found in a field near Carney on Wednesday, and Ayush’s body was found the next day near the New York border, the authors said.

Finally, Laura said as she tried to escape in her car in the floodwaters of Idaho’s debris and devastating rain.

Laura: “This year they were both our king and queen.

Another died in the floodwaters of Pascal.

The 70-year-old Clifton’s Louis Jalil-Sollarzario died Sept. 1 when his car sank, but his wife, 66, and 25-year-old son were rescued by firefighters, Laura said last week.

Meanwhile, the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office in Louisiana on Wednesday confirmed 11 more hurricane deaths, bringing the total death toll from Ida to 26.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Ida had harmed animals in the state, with more than 100 oil-laden birds in an alliance in Bell Chase due to a hurricane-related oil spill.

The agency said the oiled birds were seen in heavy pockets throughout the facility, near flooded fields and reservoirs.

Infected birds have been identified as black belly yach salt duck, blue-winged tea and a variety of eggs. Other wild animals that have been exposed to oil include crocodiles, river otters, and neutrals.

Officials say recovery could take weeks.

So far, 10 oily birds have been captured and taken to a rehabilitation center. Five more dead birds were found, according to the Associated Press.

Immediately after dark, Ida gradually returned to Louisiana, where more than a million people remained in darkness.

Twelve days after Ida was hit by the storm, more than 80% of the 948,000 Entergy utility customers in the South lost power due to the storm, the company said in a Friday update.

There are 166,000 power outages in Louisiana and 76% of customers are still without power. The company said Friday that about 1,000 people in New Orleans will remain in the dark.

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