ICCC offers a charter high school near Indiantown

Martin State – Indian River State College uses anonymous donation of $ 40 million to help build the second public charter high school in Martin County.

The school will be built on a plot of land near Yyanta and will focus on vocational and technical education, such as welding and dual enrollment opportunities, said Best Gaskin, IRSC Vice President for Student Success. Traditional courses and evening classes are also offered for adults, county and college officials.

The venue will help students avoid a 17-mile trek from Yanyanta High School to South Fork High School.

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Indian River State College already operates a public cluster higher education center and a public charter high school on the college’s Custan Campus in Stuart. Opened for the 2004-05 school year.

The college took the first steps toward the new school on Tuesday and asked the Martin County Commission to promise to negotiate a lease.

The commission approved funding for the county-owned school in southwest Citrus Bolevard. It is the same area where the Martin County Fair Society plans to move its farms by 2023.

A map shows the county property, which may include 25 acres[25 ha]of Charter High School near the city of construction.

Records show that the new school will cover 25 hectares on 107 acres[10 ha]. Five acres[5 ha]of solar energy will be used for hands-on training for students on electricity, solar and battery systems.

Commissioner Ed Simpi said of the school: I think this is a wonderful collaboration with the exhibition.

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