IBA and SCK CEN combine forces to produce Actinium-225

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Louis-La-Nuwe, Belgium, September 15, 2021 -IBA (Ion Beam Applications SA, EURONEXT), the world leader in particle acceleration technology, and SCK CEN (Belgian nuclear research center) today announced a strategic R&D partnership to enable the production of Actinimum-225.225A) Fictional radioisotope with great potential for cancer treatment.

New Perspectives on Cancer Treatment
In recent years, the combination of radiotherapy, targeted diagnostics, and treatment with radio-isotopes has significantly improved nuclear medicine, providing a viable option in many cancer treatments. Radiotheranostics is based on the use of radio-isotopes, which, when dispersed, generate radiation that allows cancer cells to be found correctly and / or destroyed.

Acetaminophen -225: Fighting widespread and uncommon cancers
One of the most promising of these isotopes is the alpha-generator Actinium-225. This is due to its beneficial properties – it kills cancer cells during decomposition, has a high cytotoxic effect in a very short range (preserving healthy tissue around it and is limited to a few cancer cells). In addition, its half-life (10 days) allows for a smooth process for logistics and central distribution. To date, many studies and studies are underway to treat the most common cancers, including prostate, lung, colon, breast, pancreatic, blood (leukemia and other abnormal forms) and kidney cancer, but cancers such as glioblastoma, highly invasive brain cancer Very lethal form.

One of the major challenges in making this treatment solution accessible to the major patients is to ensure that high-quality acetaminophen-2525 is widely available. SCK CEN and IBA can combine their unique expertise and resources into a large-scale production of actin -225 for patient use. At the same time, this collaboration will enable them to establish themselves as international partners in the production of actin-225.

A new generation of nuclear medicine
This strategic R&D partnership includes an in-depth assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of the project. Based on the results of this first phase, SCK CEN and IBA plan to build and operate a production room at the SCK CEN station in the Belgian mall.

Aligned with the Belgian Joint Agreement and the European Recovery Plan
This cooperation highlights the implementation of the Belgian Coalition, which promises better and better cancer treatment and assures the Belgian leader on the nuclear front. The Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and the Minister of Economy and Employment, Tine van der Stretten, the Belgian Minister of Energy and Thomas Dermin, the Belgian Reconstruction and Strategic Investments are supported by Pierre-Eves Dermane.

This initiative is also in line with Belgium’s recent European recovery plan: the European Commission’s designation of Lithium-177 and Actinium-2525 as promising isotopes.

We are happy to join forces with such a well-known and experienced partner like SCK CEN. IBA CEO Olivia Legren said. “Considering our global leadership and our long-term knowledge in nuclear medicine and proton therapy, we see it as an important theme in our operations to fight cancer. We look forward to taking the first steps to assess the potential for strategic growth in this significant new market.

SCK CEN Director General Eric Van Wale commented: “Teranostics have the potential to change the way we treat cancer. In partnership with the IBA, we can use our nuclear expertise to transform radioactive wastes into therapeutic compounds. Our complementary profession allows us to work to provide a large number of patients with the benefits of this latest generation of nuclear medicine.

“I am delighted with this unparalleled partnership between two key players with unparalleled knowledge” Said Pierre Ives Derman, Deputy Prime Minister. “This research partnership is promising for the future. One of the two players is internationally accredited (SCK CEN, Federal Research Center), and the other is an international leader in the small-scale industry (IBA). This union makes it possible. To treat patients more effectively, ”says Pierre-Ives Derman.

Minister of Energy Tin van der Stratton The importance of this project and the professionalism of both partners are emphasized. Belgium wants to remain a world leader in the production of medical isotopes. Therefore, we have supported SCCN within the framework of the European Rehabilitation Plan to allow innovation in the field of medical radiopharmaceuticals. SCK CEN and IBA are merging their expanders. Profession in this R&D partnership to collaborate on isotopes that can be used in more targeted cancer treatments. I am happy to support these developments in Belgium and to see them grow.

“This strategic R&D partnership is one of the first tangible results of a rehabilitation plan that allocates more than ሚሊዮን 800 million for research and development.” State Secretary for Rehabilitation and Strategic Investments explains Thomas Dermin. “SCK CEN and IBA are working together to fight cancer. This is a great example of how our country can play a key role in developing future technologies and techniques in the world. It aims to strengthen Belgium’s recovery plan.

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About IBA

IBA (Ion Beam Applications SA) is the world leader in single-chip technology. The company is a leading provider of equipment and services in the field of proton therapy, and is considered one of the most advanced radiation therapies available today. The IBA is also a leading player in the field of industrial sterilization, radioactive medicine, and doometry. The company, based in Louis-La-Nue, Belgium, employs an estimated 1,500 people worldwide.
IBA is listed on the pan-European stock exchange EURONEXT (IBA-Reuters IBAB.BR and Bloomberg IBAB.BB).
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SCK CEN is one of the largest research centers in Belgium. It has more than 850 workers a day to develop peaceful nuclear programs. SCK CEN’s research activities are related to three main topics: the safety of nuclear facilities, the development of nuclear weapons, and the protection of the public and the environment from ionizing radiation. SCK CEN is internationally recognized to share this unique talent and shares its knowledge through numerous publications and training courses.
More information is available at: www.sckcen.be


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