I can’t stop watching these power videos.

Satisfying. So, very satisfying.
Gif: Gizmodo / NBC

Concrete and steel are two of these immutable elements. They form the basis of modern life, shaped by the shapes and sizes of all around us.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. It is a sight to behold the chimneys and cooling towers falling with a few well-placed mines. There is tension in these videos, followed by flashes of light and sound that slows down the sound. After that, there are countless seconds of eternity in which the imminent destiny seems unattainable. Are the bombs properly placed to knock the structural supports? Was the time right?

When concrete collapses, those questions are answered with a resounding roar. The towers fall off like a shirt or a pair of pants accidentally thrown on the bed. Permanent reversal.

These impulses are, in some ways, the ultimate example of fossil fuels. A few well-placed figurative bombs could bring on the industry responsible for damaging the planet. Of Conspiracy Club Coal CampaignIn the US, for example, it has helped 348 coal miners retire, but implosion also reminds those in the industry that they need help.

I invite you to consider these points and what the future holds for fossil fuels. But just look at it with fear, because, look, they are very good. They are definitely more fun to watch. The game of lion bears.


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