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The theme of this year’s Black History Month is ‘Be Proud of.’ David Larby is proud to be an engineer working for Imperial College.

David Larby is proud to be an engineer in the Engineering, Energy and Environment team at Imperial College’s Property Operations Department.

Black History Month is a great time to celebrate the diversity of all people in society and how we can all contribute to society.

“In 1988, I was living in East London with my family for my second birthday. I lived until my late twenties. I was born in Accra, Ghana, West Africa in 1986, but I don’t have any real memories there.

“One of the things I enjoy growing up in London is getting to know people of different backgrounds and cultures. I loved playing football all my childhood. At first it was fun to hang out with friends in the park near the forest gate. He played for my high school and various youth teams in the district. And I often thought of going to the gym.

“I was in high school in Canning Town, I went from the late 90’s to the early ’90s. As a child, my parents emphasized the importance of getting a good education. No real idea.

“I could not see how I could get into a profession with my favorite subjects at school (math and science) because there were no models in my area who could give me this understanding.


“I decided to continue my education after high school. I hope to pursue a career on the road. I have studied subjects that I feel very good at school, math and science, although I am not sure where and what leads.

“After deciding on the courses I chose, I was fortunate to have great brothers who helped me along the way to study at the University, including my admission to the Quinn Mary Engineering course at the University of London.

“It was only when I got to university that I began to see how to manage science and engineering. I talked to my classmates about my chosen course and career. I applied for related jobs. I worked in various hobby retailers.

“When I applied for some roles when I had very little professional experience, my main challenge was sometimes to win the minds of young black men. I worked in various roles, including management in finance and engineering companies.

“I was motivated by a desire to work part-time in a management role called the London Probation Trust and work with probation officers who are passionate about their work.

“It was only after that that I joined Imperial. My former classmate was a civil service engineer, gave me an understanding of the mechanical design of building services, the area I wanted to pursue, and was very useful when applying. Enjoy its role and interactive technical features.


“I am proud to be an engineer, especially to be a youth mentor at Imperial College – one of my future goals is to do what I want for STEM, especially those from BAME.

“For beginners, any profession or experience can be transferred to different professions and I say they will never be wasted.

“I hope I have helped determine the roadmap for being an engineer – I feel I have benefited from something.. ”

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