Hydrogen attracts attention

In its ongoing efforts to combat climate change, California is working to significantly reduce carbon emissions, with plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. They offer exciting opportunities to use existing energy infrastructure, including solar and wind power, but gas pipelines.

As the nation’s largest natural gas distributor with 22 million people in Southern California, SoCalGas is at the forefront of addressing today’s energy challenges. Following the state leadership, the company is committed to producing zero carbon emissions by 2045. He wants to replace the pipelines with high-renewable natural gas and low-carbon hydrogen to carbonate the pipeline.

Hydrogen not only provides renewable energy but also solves the challenge of storing energy from wind and solar energy. ”


As we move toward this goal, SoCalGas has taken a big project [H2] Hydrogen house runs on pure electricity and hydrogen only. The showroom is the first of its kind in the US and is currently under construction in Downey, Calif., Southeast of Los Angeles. The company’s goal, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, is to show carbon-neutral, renewable electricity to future visitors. SoCalGas got this kind of creative thinking. [H2] Hydrogen starting project on site Fast companyList of ideas for global change.

The third leg of the stool

According to Robert Armstrong, director of the MIT Energy Initiative, researchers have been exploring hydrogen potential for pure fuel and energy. He said hydrogen could be used in the energy sector, especially in power, industry, transportation and buildings. “We all – business, industry, academia, government, utilities, non-profit organizations – need to find innovative ways to move energy transfer forward,” he said. “And hydrogen should be part of those efforts.”

Neil Navin, vice president of clean energy innovations at SoCalGas, compares hydrogen to wind and the sun as “the third leg of renewable energy.” “Because hydrogen not only provides renewable energy, it also helps to solve the thorny problem by storing energy from wind and solar,” he said.

While solar and wind energy can be stored for several hours in grid-sized batteries, converting energy into hydrogen means electrons can be stored for weeks, months or years. Accumulated hydrogen can be tapped using turbine generators or fuel cells to supply the wind and solar energy stored in the battery as needed. The system is more cost-effective than a battery.

“Without strong long-term storage capacity like hydrogen, you will not be able to achieve 100% decommissioning,” Navin said. It is there when the sun goes down or when the wind blows, when you need it.

Hydrogen origin

to bring [H2] Hydrogen Home Online, SoCalGas has partnered with ATCO Australia, which runs a similar project in Western Australia. The house is designed with photovoltaic panels, which provide electricity on sunny days. During the night and on cloudy days, some home energy comes from energy stored in the home battery. The rest comes from hydrogen. Hydrogen can then be stored in a 10 kg container until needed. It can be converted to electricity using the on-site fuel cell. Hydrogen is mixed with renewable gas to heat the stove, water heater, clothes dryer, and HIV room.

In addition to renewable energy technology, the house should not feel different from visitors. The lights are still on, and no special care is needed to make sure the energy system is working properly. “The technology to produce and store hydrogen will be new to many people, but we want the experience of visiting homes and using appliances to be as regular and natural as possible,” says Navin.

The future of hydrogen

SoCalGas President Mary Brown

One of the world’s largest gas distribution and storage infrastructure, Sogalgas could play a central role in the carbon industry in California and beyond. In many ways, these efforts begin with [H2] Hydrogen Origin Project. “We see hydrogen house as a power system in the microcosm,” says Navin. This is the concept of how electrical and gas systems are combined in a home.

As the hydrogen economy accelerates, SoCalGas president Mary Brown hopes [H2] The Hydrogen Home Project helps to highlight the important role that hydrogen plays not only for homeowners but also for industry and business. For example, fuel cells help transport heavy duty vehicles from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources such as hydrogen. “There is a lot of functionality in the technology [H2] Hydrogen origin, says Brown. “I think it will be an inspiration to other sectors of the economy.”

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