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Five students are employed for the program and focus on energy efficiency

Last year, SCCC partnered with Strategic Energy Innovation and Climate Corporation Kimberly Hui to launch a new internship program, update the electrician program, and create a new non-credit entry course on energy.

Hui started the SJCC Energy Colleges Enterprise Program with Jonathan Kronana of the Agency and Dr. Lena Tran, Vice President of Business and Human Resource Development.

Hui has built new partnerships with local industry companies: ECS Design, Inc., Hussey Bros., IRBIS HVAC and POCO Solar Energy Inc.

Five students are employed for internships. This internship program allows students to easily access full-time, well-paid, and energy-related careers related to their needs. Congratulations to the students selected for the internships!

Hui and Kronan collaborated to create a new independent and short-lived electrician academic program and a new non-credit course called “Basics of Energy Efficiency.” To create a new electrician program, Hue and Krona have created three new courses covering National Electricity Law, Blueprint Reading and Cheating, and Low Voltage Special Systems. The new electrician program makes it easier to get lessons and learn the right materials to pass the electrical certification test.

“Essentials of Energy Efficiency” is a non-credit course that teaches students how to generate and transport electricity, describes renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, and describes career opportunities in energy efficiency.

This will be a participatory, consistent credit course where students will learn a lot and practice appropriate skills in laboratory activities such as labor auditing.

Stay tuned for the latest non-credit education and sign up to learn more about the importance of energy!

These sustainability initiatives cannot exist, thanks to the local partners who believe in our students and the financial support of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Visit the Climate Corporation’s website for more information on the Climate Corporation program.

Kimberly Huey is a program coordinator for the San Jose City College College of Energy and a climate team.


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