HTT completes training on agricultural technology, food security

Ammon News – Al Hussein Technical University (HTT), and the Sahara Forest Project, have graduated from the second phase of their joint development program, “Agricultural Technology and Food Security.”

The event was attended by Norwegian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, Spain Lindbach, University President, Prof. Ismail Hinti, Director of the University’s Abdalla Professional Development and Community Participation Office, as well as Sahara Forest Project Management Manager and Board Chairman, Jetil Steak. As well as many experts and consultants in agriculture and sustainability.

The training program is a translation of a memorandum of understanding signed by the HTU and the Sahara Forest Project, which will train Jordanian agricultural engineering graduates and provide them with energy, agriculture, and the most up-to-date skills and techniques. Sustainability.

The first group graduated in February, and the second group received training from 17 Jordanian agricultural engineers from agricultural universities in the field of agricultural technology, renewable energy, local and international experts. , Agricultural economy, and sustainability. The courses offered are designed and tailored to the needs of the labor market.

The four-month program included field trips for the Sahara Forest Project in Akaki State, as well as site visits to Jordanian government renewable and agricultural energy projects, which provided them with hands-on experience and opportunities to develop their technical skills.

In his speech at the ceremony, the President of the University, Dr. Al Hinti, reaffirmed the continued support of the Norwegian Embassy and the Ministry of Water, emphasizing the compatibility of visions by supporting the youth of Jordan and providing the skills needed to enter the labor market. , Especially those trained in program programs to meet local and international needs as the University seeks to increase the effectiveness of its students and graduates of Jordan University.

According to Ambassador Spain Lindback, the embassy has been very supportive of the project to empower women in the fields of energy, agriculture and sustainability. The students expressed their happiness over the successful completion of the training and stressed that all participants in the program would like to develop and continue their efforts to integrate academic education with technology in the fields of food security and agricultural technology.

Mr. Steak commended the program in collaboration with Al Hussein Technical University, in particular the training of young Jordan women in these fields of education, which came to approve the development of agriculture, energy and water. And partnerships implemented in this field.

The Sahara Forest Project, supported by the Norwegian government and private partners, will serve as a model for future projects in the Akaba region, as well as for those who adhere to the concepts of sustainable and green development and deepen water, food concepts. , And energy security.

Al-Hussein Technical University is Jordan’s new technical university with a mission to provide high-quality technical education, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and computer science, as well as basic skills and practical training in labor. Market.


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