HSU will continue to push polytechnics with plans for several new programs

Drawing on its strengths in STEM, environmental and social responsibility and experiential learning, Humboldt State University has presented documentation for the launch of many new and new undergraduate and graduate programs such as Fall 2022 and Fall 2023.

“21st Century Education looks like this: Programs where students build skills to make a meaningful career and build a better understanding of the complexities of society to make the world a better place,” says Provez and Vice President Jane Caps. Education issues.

HSU Regularly proposes ideas to California State University: Applied Fire Science and Management, Cannabis Studies, Information Science, Energy Systems Engineering, Engineering and Community Practice, Geospatial Information Science and Technology, Marine Biology, Mechanical Engineering and Software2 Engineering. See available descriptions.)

21st Century Learning is a program that aims to make the world a better place, says Provence and Academic Vice President Jane Caps. Issues.

The projects are among the priorities of the on-campus polytechnic planning process. The fast track schedule is highly dependent on additional state funding provided by the administrator and the legislature.

These programs, in addition to those planned for 2026 and 2029, and in addition to social science, are awaiting approval. CSU Chancellor’s Office CSU Board of Trustees, as well as recognition from various organizations.

The ad will come as soon as possible HSU He is studying at the Third Polytechnic University CSU And the only one in Northern California. The new programs are in line with the university’s vision of being a polytechnic based on strong liberal arts and a commitment to sustainability and social justice; And incorporates cultural ecological knowledge, renewable energy, and more.

The political situation will have far-reaching implications for the region and the region. It will help revitalize the North Coast economy (where HSU Is the largest employer), provide educational opportunities for students in the state, and help meet California labor needs.

“These programs are for victory HSU And the largest northern state, ”says Provenist and Dean Mary Oling-Sisay, Vice-Chancellor of Elementary and Postgraduate Studies. They bring to life what we do and are known for and significantly increase our current supply.

HSU’s proposed new programs will strengthen its strength in STEM courses.

brand new HSU Degree programs

– Develop practical knowledge and skills to become an applied fire science and management, science bachelor, fire scientist or management professional. Created in collaboration with HSUThe Honorable Forest and Wildland Resources and Native American Studies Program, focused on incorporating indigenous practices in applied fire science and management, includes visual and cognitive systems (e.g., cultural ecology).

-Contributes cannabis studies, art bachelor’s, student engagement, historical stewardship to local, national and international cannabis laws, and unprecedented change in cannabis policy. Students will have critical views on equity and social justice and the prohibition and legitimacy of the cabinet.

– Develops skills in information science, bachelor’s science, integration of knowledge and application of modern statistics, data analysis and computational science to solve social and environmental problems.

—Engine Systems Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Civics, Environmental, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. It is designed to prepare students for careers by developing, designing, designing and analyzing clean energy systems.

– Geographic Information Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science, prepares students for geographic information system (for work)GIS) Analysts and specialists, remote sensing analysts, cartographers, photographers and geographers.

—Engineering and community practice, science teacher, develops future engineering leaders who protect, renew and protect our natural resources and environment.

-It examines the science of barium, bachelor science, marine diversity, its evolution, its importance to our planet, and how it affects human activities.

– Explores a variety of integrated engineering systems including mechanical engineering, science bachelor, thermal and electromechanical components.

– Applies software engineering, science bachelor, and engineering concepts to software development. It includes the development, operation and maintenance of programs.

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