How to Manage My Money – An urban banker has become an advocate for the disappearance of 690 Universal Credits per month.

In a series on how to manage our finances, we aim to learn how people in the UK know how to save money and invest in achieving their goals.

This week we talk about Marianne Kelly, a 55-year-old climate activist and part of the XR. She is divorced from a 13-year-old boy and lives in Brighton.

After graduating from ESEx University with a degree in Politics and German (BA), I immediately began working in the city. I trained as a banker in the late ’80s, but within a few years I was using my teaching skills more and more – to help my colleagues and clients access financial information.

The City of London was a wonderful place to work, especially in your twenties.

I ended up building a lot of technical knowledge. Within a few years, I became a financial consulting engineer for major financial information companies. I always make sure I continue my skills, take courses, and so on.

I made good money. We didn’t have student loans then, just big profits. I was able to save and buy a small apartment in Docklands – I bought it when property prices fell, and I lived there for the next 10 years.

In the early days, I moved out of London and rented a small apartment in Brighton. I kept walking and it was tiring, but I enjoyed the comparison, and spent my weekends in Brighton.

After two years of rent, I bought three bedrooms there. A.D. I had a baby in 2007 and I knew I had made the right choice to go to the beach.

But In 2011, I was constantly on the move. I worked for the company for 20 years. It was not just a job that I made many friends with.

My subsidy allowed me to enroll in a postgraduate teacher training course. I also paid a piece of mortgage; I thought I would become a student with a low mortgage. It was a financial obligation.

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How to Manage My Money

I wanted to be sensible. After school I taught ESL – or English as a second language. Living in Brittany means that there are many universities, so there are many universities that want and want their English language. I had three jobs!

Then in March 2020 everything fell off the cliff. I had to get my P45 from the agencies and sign it to get full credit.

Being a student for a year encouraged me to change my mind and was always financially savvy.

There are currently no teaching jobs at all. I got 690 Universal Credits where we can live.

I rented my extra room for students who could afford to pay the mortgage, but it was months when it was not rented and I was able to feed myself and pay off my 400 400 a month loan.

I am vegan and have a weekly garden box provided by Odbox. I base my diet on that. I quit drinking and smoking, which saved my life. I had to buy a laptop – 99 699 and I stopped drinking and worked as hard as I could with the money I had saved.

I try not to go to the supermarket and I don’t buy new shoes unless I have to. I have 3rd grade brownies, and I could not see my GP when they closed the consultation. And they don’t seem to be on the phone.

The end of the lock means my expenses have increased. They came and saw me in Brighton, but I had to pay 70 70 to see my family in Shefield.

I can afford the cheapest cell phone tariff because I don’t spend much – it costs ዳ 11 a month from Vodafone and. I use ዳ 22 a month for Vodafone Broadband. We have a tendency to walk or roll everywhere – the bus is a luxury.

By the time the outbreak occurred, Marianne was on the verge of extinction

I was able to lower my energy bills using It turned me into public energy and my gas and electricity now run at 69 69 a month. We have a cat, Stevie – the food of the year is about £ 50 a year and I had to rely on PDSA to treat him after last March. He is four.

My home and content insurance is combined – I have a Churchill policy and I pay 6 136 a year. My biggest expense is council tax, 120 120 a month, although I have low-paid friends who pay 170 170 a month. In fact, a woman I know works for more than a week just to pay her council taxes.

I saved a little – 40 40 to my son’s child care fund – but I spent my last ፓ 3,000 at the beginning of the lock to pay off my credit card bills.

I know I’m one of the lucky ones. My state pension is 66, but I am a single parent so I need all the money I can help my child.

Locking means I had to shrink like most people do. I was interested in climate change for reuse and sustainability. I don’t have a car – mainly because of this.

I was on the verge of extinction. Once I got interested in it, I found my “tribe” – people who want to make a difference.

It is a middle class, but not all students. What people have in common is their compassion. People reject individualism and materialism.

There are very few people who are very old. One of my XR friends is a 65-year-old retired teacher. She had only labor. She works as a cleaner to earn her living in London.

I know someone who is a veteran. He is 70 years old, receives a pension, and has to save money to pay for the train. I know a few students who come to events, they tend to come to the coaches, they can’t buy the train.

I’m looking for a job that uses my teaching skills, and I know that employers don’t appreciate my work, but I’m doing something.

I hate women my age being deleted for no reason. We are mothers and we have feelings and experiences. That is priceless.

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