How to increase sustainability in college

Being aware of the environment is more important and easier than you think. Whether you start your journey on a regular basis or you already have a low-waste lifestyle, the key to being green can be as simple as educating yourself. At the University of Nevada, Reno, students have a variety of opportunities to be environmentally friendly.

# 1. Earn a degree in sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that covers a wide range of academic disciplines, which means you don’t have to study green science (University of Nevada, Reno!) At the moment. Whether you want to study science, liberal arts, or both, your local needs can be transformed into work. Environmental experts to consider include the following

  • In geography, we have major emphasis on sustainable development and natural resource allocation, such as environmental policy and leadership specialization.
  • Learn how to manage major water resources through a hydrological lens in a hydrology study
  • Major in Political Science: Emphasize public administration and policy in public school, Congress, Senate or nonprofit.
  • Understand how being a major ecologist in community health science affects the environment and public health of your local community
  • Understand the science and engineering needed to provide clean drinking water, fresh air and sustainable infrastructure to communities.
  • Take a class at the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, which will prepare you to become a federal wildlife biologist and a veterinarian.
  • Major in Journalism – Prepare for work in strategic relationships, including providing important information on local topics to the public
  • Introduce a science-based, resource-intensive plan into agriculture, animal husbandry and crop management in agricultural ecology and management
  • Complete with your master in additional energy courses in renewable energy – in science or alternative energy policy
  • Minority in Indigenous Studies – In conjunction with any of the above, this little boy can prepare you to defend your native land rights in an effort to protect wildlife and nature.

# 2. Participate in environmentally friendly clubs

Being green The reason you went to a profession or vegan is a feeling you know, maybe you want to meet other like-minded people. See the list of Reno clubs at the University of Nevada, and find those that focus on sustainability –

  • Food Recovery Network: A national, student-led movement is working to combat food insecurity and food waste. We have a chapter in our yard!
  • Enactus: A nationwide job creation competition with a focus on sustainable practices. We still have a chapter in our yard!
  • Local Circle – Focuses on Communication Sustainability and Social Justice Communication
  • Volunteer Club – Volunteering in the Reno community to achieve the goal of a first-year tuition for a homeless Reno teenager.

# 3. Be active in ongoing community organizations

Reno is fortunate to be close to beautiful, natural landscapes that inspire non-profit organizations to protect people. Did I mention that these originals also employ our students?

  • Keep Truckee Fields beautiful: Community hygiene, youth education, and sponsorship of Adope-A-spot programs
  • Urban Roots: Make the garden a K-12 academic and nutrition unit
  • Keep Taho Blue: Using a Siho-based approach to treating pollution, rehabilitation and extinction in Lake Tahoe
  • Nevada Desert Friends – Restore Public Lands while Preserving the Desert and History

In a cool community like Reno, there are always new opportunities around the hall, and I expect these details to grow as the best part about the Wolf Package is hearing our students’ voices and localization becoming more important to our campus. Comments.

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