How the former Texas football star and powerhouse builder built the perfect amateur golf course

Trinitarian, Texas – Corby Robertson knew a thing or two about passing golf courses. Yes, the sport was very close to Robertson’s football — he was coached by Texas University legend Darrell Royal and then Longhorn to a 1969 cotton bowl and named two Americans — but golf was always native to Houston. Blood.

Robertson and his sister-in-law worked with renowned architect Pete Die on the course development of the WGC-Dell Match Play, which even transformed the Austin Country Club into its current location. To better understand Diane’s ingenuity, see Oklahoma’s magnificent oak tree.

Robertson “Once Pete gave me a statement and it should not be unfair in golf rules,” he told Austin-American Kirk Boles in 2016.

But how does Robertson relate the wonderful East Texas property to the nation’s best (and most independent) golf course in terms of friendships rather than course design?

Robertson – who did not announce his draft to AFF after a stellar college career “Because these people made $ 25,000 and I could have done better” The idea behind the camp was to connect the teens and raise Robertson’s three most important pieces – body, mind and spirit.

And first, the course hosted Robertson what he called a “green” golf course. As part of Cam Camp’s weekly routine, curious campers fire a single shot into the wide “green” bullet, which is simply a grass-covered lawn in the bathroom. The children loved it. Robertson jokes that the game could be revolutionary.

“It would have been a more popular game,” he said Golf Week In September. “You make many holes in one and you never miss a three-foot piece.”

But over time, Robertson and others realized that this would be a major asset to the golf course. At that time he would be the first to use fossil fuels, then coal, and he had the financial means to create education. In the 1990s, when the beetles began to eat some of the camp trees, he decided to start a series of three legal holes, add irrigation systems, and now create a course that would hold the best private courses in golf in Texas. Details: Whispering Pines.

“We love him. But if we really want to do that, we say, ‘What’s wrong with golf?’ At the time, golf was missing the Olympics, ”said Robertson.

So he decided to combine his two interests – Camp Olympia and a new golf course. Soon after, In 2001, the spirit was born an international amateur golf tournament, with two men and two women from 20 countries on two continents every two years.

After they built it – Robertson’s team worked with Jack Nicklaus’ design team on the course – the world’s top ams began to appear in bulk. When this year’s teams come to the 10th game of the event (the 2017 event was created by Hurricane Harvey), they will be added to the list of amazing amateur golfers who made their way to the Whisper Pines. Winners at the event included Lorena Ochowa, Brandy Snecker, Jordan Spit, Lexi Thompson, Scott Sche Feller, Austin Ernest and Will Zalatoris.

This year, an energetic march of No. 1 and 2 female amateurs from around the world will lead the way for the American team. Stanford teammates Rose Zhang and Rachel Heck lead the American team, while Texas A&M’s Sam Bennett and Michigan State’s James Piot complete the team. Piotte won the American Amateur in August.

The competition is known for having five related categories: international team, men’s and women’s team, and men’s and women’s individual stroke matches. Playing November 4-6, will be broadcast on the Golf Channel and on the Spirit website.

A series of flags, rated as the best private golf course in the state of Texas, line up at Lake Whisper Pins. (Contributed photo)

Players stay at Camp Olympia and participate in many club traditions such as line dance and karaoke. Although Golf returned to the Olympics with the experts, Robertson believes that his event was the beginning of the amateur taste of the Olympics.

“I think we inspired the Olympics. I hope we are part of the inspiration. There are 200 other sports, why not golf? ” he said. “But this is not for professionals. For stadium golf, we had to clean every tree on this property. There is a place to do that, but the beauty and atmosphere of this place, it alone is a shame.

Listen, good amateurs go to big competitions every week. None of them are attached to the camp. They live together in camp cabinets and we turn these players into friends. Camp makes lifelong friends and builds character. The mission of Camp Olympia is to have fun together but to make people grow physically, mentally and spiritually. To do that with a collection of highly skilled golfers? Well, that’s just the addition. ”

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