How solar magnetic forces organize gas particles

Solar energy observed in Australia by Lemmawus from June 28, 2019, 7:58 am. Its prominence reaches an altitude of 90,000 km above the blue node, corresponding to the 7 diameters of the earth seen as a blue dot. Credit – NASA / SDO and AIA, EVE, and HMI Science Team; Adjustments – IP

With the help of a magnetic field projected from the deep layers of the sun, solar eclipses, like big clouds, hover over the visible disk. The magnetic field lines are always moving by the existing gas waves — and as the support frame moves, the popularity cloud also moves. Researchers from the University of Gottington and the Paris-based Astrophysics Institute, Potsdam and Locarno, observed how magnetic forces increased in 25,000 km (two Earth diameters) in ten minutes. The results of the study Astrophysical Journal.

This elevation is related to a speed of 42 km / h, which is about four times the speed of sound. The oscillation occurred in 22 seconds, during which the positively charged iron ions were up to 70% faster than neutral helium atoms. Filled metal ions must follow magnetic field activity, but unfilled helium atoms are not affected in the same way. In fact, helium atoms are captured by ions, but only in part because the gas pressure is so low that there is not enough collision between the two particles.

Such conditions – partially ionized gas – play a small role in astrophysics. Their role is not only in the popularity of the sun, but also in the following: giant gas clouds from the stars and planets; Gas that fills the space between the stars; And in the gas between galaxies. Theoretical astrophysics have likened such conditions to the interaction of two fluids only with weakness. “Some of the assumptions used in model calculations can now be verified thanks to these new measurements,” said Dr. Eberhard Weyer of the University of Gothenburg Astronomy.

The team observed the solar telescope in Locarno, where only two emission lines could be measured at a time. Scientists now plan to extend extended observations of the French telescope at Teneref, where several lines can be measured at the same time. In addition, the light intensity for this telescope has quadrupled, allowing for such short-term exposure to light-sensitive cameras, which measure even short-wavelengths. “Even then, we can find significant velocity differences between the charged ions and the neutral atoms,” we added.

How solar magnetic forces organize gas particles

Researchers have observed how magnetic forces increase in 25,000 km – two Earth’s diameters – in ten minutes. Credit – NASA / SDO and AIA, EVE, and HMI Science Team; Adjustments – IP

Competition on the Sun – ions are faster than atoms

More info:
E Weaver et al. Astrophysical Journal (2021). DOI: 10.3847 / 1538-4357 / ac1791

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