How much does gas cost in different states and why are prices so high now?

Americans around the country are facing high gas prices and high heating costs, and this summer the dispute over oil production is on the world stage.

The issue has become a major concern for President Joe Biden and his administration; Former G20 leaders as well as representatives of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have complained in recent weeks, urging major oil producers to increase production before winter.

The national average gas price is currently set at $ 3.40 (£ 2.54) according to AAA, which is $ 1.29 (£ 0.96) higher than the average price in November 2020. Territories on the west coast and parts of the northeastern United States are suffering. ; Each state in Montana and West has an average gas price of $ 3.50 (£ 2.62) per gallon, the highest in Nevada ($ 3.97 / £ 2.97), California ($ 4.70 / £ 3.91) and Hawaii ($ 4.35 / £ 3.25). The average capital in the country is $ 3.57 (£ 2.67) per gallon.

Prices are lower in the Central and Southern US, especially in Oklahoma, which is the only state with an average price of less than $ 3.00 per gallon ($ 2.97 / £ 2.22).

Barrel inflation is said to be at least partly due to last year’s historic drop in oil prices, which has shut down some US companies and shut down some existing wells.

Oil prices and rising inflation have slowed as part of a slowdown in OPEC production. The Coalition reiterated earlier this month that it was refusing to increase its price by several hundred thousand barrels a day from the previously announced monthly increase.

“This decision was made to increase production by 400,000. [barrels per day] Every month and I make sure every month. By the end of 2022. Today, the decision has been repeated to meet current standards, ”the Russian Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

Oil prices hit $ 80 a barrel (£ 59.77) earlier this month, the highest level since 2014, and have been hovering at that level for weeks, eventually falling to the 70s. It is currently priced at $ 76 (£ 56.78) a barrel, but analysts say it could rise again as winter demand rises.

”[U]A spokeswoman for the oil company said the recent fall in crude oil prices could be temporary, as global oil prices continue to rise.

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