How many solar panels can power the world?

YouTube Channel’s Corridor Team shares an amazing video showing how much solar panels it takes to light up the world. The video begins with a look at the future of the host, 2100, and what the world will look like if there is a successful transition and the effects of climate change. Then he turned on us and showed us the opposite. Explaining the green screen, he indicated that we were at that crucial moment in choosing the future and asked the question: How many solar panels can illuminate the world?

“How much solar panels can power the world? 23 billion solar panels. How much do we need? ”(Naturally, the world will never be 100% solar. Other sources play a major role in wind and water. This is a more interesting exercise.)

Immediately after saying this, the cameras stopped rolling and the staff came out and said, “Good job,” and he said that this was an easy answer to a complicated question. He then went on to describe how difficult it was to answer that question.

“Power is really complex and it’s easy to talk about the power we can easily use and imagine how many panels they can provide.

He explained that there are many misconceptions about how power works, and the video is his way of clearing up and dispelling myths. One of the key problems he points out is man’s greed for power, and pure energy must balance that food cravings.

The idea that we are safe and that global warming is a myth is often pushed to the right by many – conservatives. People who do not agree with basic science make a profit by burning oil, methane gas, and coal.

In the video, the host uses the same amount of energy that the sun explodes on Earth every hour in a year — 162,000,000,000,000,000 hours. He got that number from the 2017 global power supply. That’s a lot of energy. Naturally, this is not possible on many levels, but consider that you can get the same amount of energy we use each year from the sun in an hour.

The video is definitely worth watching. You can see it here.

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