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CMS Christian Nurse reflects on her career as she is more attractive to law students on behalf of the environment

Christine Nurse, Consultant in the CMS Energy and Climate Change Exercise Team

CMS’s experience in energy and climate change is one of more than 450 lawyers worldwide, providing an opportunity for lawyers to address climate change.

As a Christian nurse, counselor, and one of the team’s lawyers, most of your work is “marketing,” which means “she has many projects to do at once.” Much of her work involves taking care of lenders involved in financing clean energy projects and advising developers on developing and / or purchasing green projects.

Also, lawyers need to keep up to date with changes and technology updates, says Krister. She explains that attending meetings and seminars is an ever-evolving field.

Hosted by the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) on the horizon in Glasgow, Krishna said: COP26, based in the CMS Edinburgh office, believes that COP26 “is a great opportunity to show the world what we are doing.”

As the climate crisis worsened, Christendom became increasingly focused on energy and climate change. Referring to this as a relatively new field of law, she says that when she was a trainee, “I did not know if there was an option.” “All the energy at that time was about oil and gas,” explains Christine. Now the trainees are eager to come and get a seat in the energy and climate change practice. So how did Krista get a career in this field? She humbly described it as “the right place, the right time.”

Applications are open to CMS Academy – next-generation vacation program and closes December 24, 2021

A.D. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2006 and completing her diploma in 2007, she began training in the legal field. I found it to be emotional and I had no stomach, ”she says.

In the back seat of projects, in a chair advising clients on infrastructure projects such as schools and airports, Christie will first find refreshments. I started working with a cooperative bank on project finance in the renewable sector.

Christ After earning a British legal degree in 2010, she She joined the CMS in London in 2011. “The first step in building this large-scale customer base was to bring my contacts to the board, including the Cooperative Bank,” he said. Although Christine described her success as “the right place, the right time,” her wonderful work with clients can be traced back to me.

As the energy and climate change sectors become increasingly popular, Christine advises new and promising advocates. There are a variety of options, including volunteering with renewable groups, to take clean energy courses or to join organizations that focus on sustainability, such as the 2050 Climate Group or the UK Environmentalists’ Student Arm. She says there are more opportunities for those who want to work in the sector. “Renewable energy is now a very popular area,” she explains, “and every business is interested in it. Companies want to buy clean energy or install solar panels or wind turbines or simply reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability. As different sectors are involved, there are more ways to work harder than ever.

Of course, with the current climate crisis, sustainability in all areas of business is expected, not just encouraged. Christine believes that “global change is needed” to improve the condition of the planet. “Countries that have the money to improve need to help those who are still developing and more dependent on fossils,” he added. We need to improve things on the board using our knowledge and technology skills… and hopefully.

Krishna Nurse will speak with Energy and Climate Change practitioners during a CMS student event next Thursday, October 7, during the Green Energy Revolution (MMS). You can now apply to attend the free event.

Applications are open to CMS Academy – next-generation vacation program and closes December 24, 2021

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